Interact with your customers by offering them a free medium

A toll free number is also referred to as a free phone number which gives the privileged to your customers to reach your business for free. These usually begin with iconic digits 1800 and are easy to remember for the callers trying to reach you. Moreover, you get increased client interaction as the calls are made for free on part of the callers and the service subscriber is charged a nominal fee for the calls made to them.

Features of Toll Free Number Service

Multi-level (N-Level) IVR setup
Several levels of specified questions and interactions guarantee accurate call routing. Easy transfers of calls to designated departments without any human intervention needed.
Single number reach detailed analytics
Get detailed reports for each single number to measure your efforts and plan accordingly. Assess your brand identity with the reach analytics of your single toll free numbers.
Caller white-listing & blocking
Offer a better environment for your agents through blocking of unnecessary, bothersome calls. Special filtration and blocking allows you to project a serious business image and offers ease of conducting calling.
Office hour configuration
Allows for ticket generation or specialized alerts for out of office hour calls. Provides acknowledgment greeting or message to callers while your agents are off duty.
Voice mail facility
Get your callers to send you a voice mail for their query or message. That way they do not have to call you back over and over again and you can promptly redress their troubles.
Skill based routing
With pre-set IVRquestions your callers are routed to speak to the appropriate agent skilled to address their query. Offers hassle-free operations with prompt and precise call routing for increased client satisfaction by reducing wait time.

Benefits of Toll Free Number Service

  • Ensure better service to your customers by offering an easy communication channel.
  • Easy to remember.
  • Increase brand reputation.
  • Easy relocation and portability.
  • Excellent performance tracker.

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