Short Code SMS Service

A short code is a premium 5 or 6 digit phone number which is used for SMS marketing campaigns, lead generation, live voting, and get valuable feedback from customers. A short code is a special telephone number usually shorter than a regular telephone number.

A Short codes offers a unique identity to the company and is the perfect way to gather feedback from customers, get your customers to opt-in for your services and ideal for sending high-volume messages. We provide complete API integration of our short code service.

Short code numbers can be used to send and receive SMS messages to even the most basic cellphones which is why they’re often used for promotional SMS marketing.Most of the businesses use short code sms service to opt-in customers and then send promotional messages, product / service offers, surveys etc. to generate potential leads.

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Features of India's best Short Code Service Provider

We provide premium Short Code SMS Services in India to small and medium size businesses and as well as Startups companies. With our pan-India coverage,
automate your Short Code SMS marketing campaigns with our business text messaging services. Get in touch with us today to discuss how short code and API might help you scale your business, and fast!

Unlimited keywords selection
Get innumerable combinations and numbers of keywords for all your business products. Reach out to your customers easily and get prompt responses.
Premium Short Code - 56161
SMS short code is the fastest way to receive client feedback and generate leads. Premium short codes are catchy and easy to memorize for the customers.
Integrate with existing CRM
Our short code messaging platform is compatible with any other application. Triggers URL / API to make calls to external applications.
Pan India support
The premium 56161 short code numbers can be from any telecom service in India. This will allow fast deliver across varying telecom platforms.
24*7 technical assistance
We provide round the clock technical support for all our services including short code. We take care of end to end needs, such as API integration of the short codes with a website and more.
Realtime reporting
We mine the data and analyze the frequency and volume of short code SMS keywords. These detailed reports can then be sent to you via email or on phone.

Advantage of our short code service

  • Easy to use and easy to memorize
  • Auto reply feature
  • Trigger URL / API to call external application
  • Email notifications to the account subscriber

Short Code Service Pricing

We offer custom pricing plans for high-volume users, so please don't hesitate to contact our sales team to get rates. Some features are not available in all countries. Contact support for more information.

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