PRP Services Introduces an Exciting New Loyalty Program

We are announcing an amazing offer for our loyal patrons and customers. Now you can choose to opt-in to our very own special loyalty program and reap amazing additional benefits and discounts. Our customer loyalty program offers are designed to present our valued clients’ tangible incentives for maintaining their trust and loyalty with our brand. We work hard to offer advanced tech-driven, value adding services in an industry full of empty promises, where everyone seems to be offering their own versions of a same standard recipe.

We are the pioneers in India, to welcome the change of advanced analytics and data driven dashboards with great campaign targeting and segmentation capabilities when it comes to using our telephony products for promotion and marketing. Unlike others we did not aim re-inventing the wheel, instead brought forward real-world solutions with innovative concepts. Our whole range of services are known for their simple integration, fast results and value-adding philosophy and now we are moving with our Brand loyalty program with the same vision of fostering a long-term relationship with our valued customers that will help you grow with us!

How to opt-in to our Loyalty Program?

To opt-in to our new loyalty program all you need to do is place a call to us once you purchase any product of PRP Services and one of sales representatives will get you started with the process. Here’s how the process works:

  • Our sales rep will visit your office and discuss the details of our products and the program
  • Once you understand the full scope of the benefits offered by our products and the loyalty program and are ready to enroll into our system;
  • Our sales representative will send you a link to our official mobile application aptly named the Loyalty_App, on the spot
  • Launching the app will allow you to enroll into our program.
  • To validate and launch the program, the customer must share certain details with the sales rep like – Name, Mobile Number, Operator, Circle, Plan Type, DOB, Anniversary date (optional), Photo, State, District, City;
  • This concludes you face-to-face process;
  • To register our sales representative will provide our corporate missed call number;
  • Next all you need to do is place a simple missed call to this aforementioned number.
  • Soon you will get a call from our automated call agent;
  • The call will have an automated IVR system that will verify the details provided by you in person to our sales rep.
  • The verification of the previously mentioned details will take only 2-3 mins of your time.
  • Voila! Once, done your Loyalty Program List with us will be activated. Enjoy!
Loyalty Program

Note, the benefits offered in our Loyalty Program will vary as per the package category you are eligible for, which could range from different packages suitable to your needs. While your eligibility is based on the criterion of the business needs, you specify with our sales team, you can always advance to a more suitable Loyalty Program category by changing your package by requesting us on the same.

Users can check the total loyalty points they have accumulated currently on the app when they sign into to their accounts or simply by calling our agents. After the loyalty points reach a certain number (to be informed by our sales team), they can be redeemed for exciting gifts and offers. Our loyal customers will also get the advantage of knowing about new discounts and offers and availing the same before everyone else. We will send priority updates and notifications of every upcoming discount and offer to those who opt-in to our loyalty program through SMS, well in advance.

The loyalty program also comes with a referral option, wherein if you send a referral to your friends and acquaintances for availing our products or opting into the loyalty program. Then you will get additional loyalty points added to your account as well as your friend’s account for joining. This would be a promising amount of loyalty points that can then be redeemed for amazing gifts.

Our Customer Loyalty Program is designed to offer the best benefits suitable to each business’ circumstances in mind. Also when you opt-in to our Loyalty Program with the missed call to us, we also enroll you into our corporate alerts and notifications system to inform you about the benefits of services like bulk SMS and other telephony features.

We are excited to announce our loyalty program at the brink of the festive season. Hurry the more points you collect the more exciting gifts you can redeem!

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