New rates on Bulk SMS services from today–CARTEL Policy change

Due to the CARTEL Policy, the bulk SMS rates offered by most bulk SMS providers in India will change from today, i.e. 15 May 15, 2018. All the major operators will be increasing their revised rates of bulk SMS service from today. The cut-throat competition in the industry and the present market dynamics with technological advancements happening by the minute, there is almost a battle of pricing for the services in the industry. This while is not all bad, still has some adverse effects on SMEs and growing businesses, there is takeovers happening, mergers and closures due to large debts on part of the company. All there is to blame for such competitive price wars is the fact that revenue for firms is not being able to keep up.
The market has been cornered by three major players in India. Airtel, Vodafone and Reliance Jio are presently driving the market. They are the benchmark for everything including quality of service, volume, capacity and pricing.

The revised prices in bulk SMS market have been decided upon by the Telecom Operators in India and the service providers such as we at PRP Services, have no role in the decision. We are simply complying with the changed policies in the market that has been enforced pan India, from today 15th May 2018 onwards. This decision has been made in keeping with the rising cost of A2P messaging, which has led us to increase our messaging prices as per the market standards. Users must understand that the revised prices will be applicable to all existing customers including, new ones.

We understand that this has come at a short notice to the users, but such is the case with the team at PRP Services too as is with most other bulk SMS providers. The revised rates for our bulk SMS services will be released today as per the norms set by the telecom operators which we must comply. As for our other services, features and terms of use, they are all remaining unchanged until we notify you.

PRP Services assures you that we intend to keep our quality of service and pricing consistent and offer effective bulk SMS solutions to customers at pocket-friendly prices. Now with the CARTEL Policy standardizing the rates, we may not have much leeway to control the pricing of SMS solutions, but will continue to improve our features and technologies to offer the best solutions to our valued customers. For any further questions please feel free to contact us.


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