Enterprise long code solution

This is a dedicated phone number i.e. a virtual number that can be used to receive voice calls and text messages.

It is a 2-way communication system that allows both receiving and sending of information across the business and the clients. Long code service is the perfect tool for conducting a large promotional campaign.

With our long code service you get end-to-end API integration for the long code and can choose between a shared or a dedicated long code service.

Features of Long Code SMS Solution

End user will be charged for normal SMS rates
Customers will not be charged for the messages so will generate higher response rate. The business entities are charged for the long code messages received on part of the clients which are of standard SMS pricing.
Integrate Long codes with online applications through APIs
Installation and setting up is easy with advanced APIs. It is a cloud platform hosted system hence, comes with a lot of flexibility.
Help clients request start or stop of services via long code
Customers can use long code messaging to notify start or stop of a particular service from a company. This provides extra customer satisfaction as they are not over charged and also don’t have to go through hassled cancellation formalities.
Complete web based real time reporting
Analyze and track all the long code reception for continuous tracking. With web based solution you can view the reports from anywhere with any device.
99.5% uptime & uninterrupted service experience
We guarantee full time uninterrupted service of long code reception for client interactions. Easy selective, automated filtration throughout the day for convenience of operations.
Sub-keyword and custom messages support
We allow sub-keyword apart from the main keywords to further filter the messages. This offers accurate routing and segregation of the incoming long code messages.
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