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Recognize excellence leads from a puddle of incoming leads

Measure ROI from your online ad contribution

Nourish assuring leads into conversions

Engage with leads near beyond various touchpoints

Examine and trace essential information about leads

What is lead management software?

Lead management is a systematic process during which incoming leads are qualified, analyzed, and nurtured to be transformed into new commercial enterprise opportunities.

PRP LMS has been consistently rated as the best lead management solution by both customers and experts. With a comprehensive set of lead management features for businesses of all sizes and kinds, your sales reps can now convert more leads in less time and much less effort. From lead generation to conversion and analysis, consider some of the popular ways to find sales success with PRP's lead management system.

Apt & Able web forms for lead generation.

A lead's option to submit their information depends on how you've structured your forms. Drag and drop the required fields, and design forms the way you want, without writing any confusing codes with the web form editor's help, and launch your marketing campaigns in no time.

  • Measure how different web forms are performing by tracking individual field and geographical data.
  • Identify friction areas that will cause prospects to drop off and eliminate them.
  • Measure and improve your leads' standard by attributing revenue generated to the leads' forms.
  • Approve genuine leads and automatically assign follow-up tasks to sales reps.
  • So never miss out on any high-intent lead visiting your website with the help of PRP LMS service.

Interact with leads from

PRP LMS integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator makes it easy for you to seek out and interact together with your prospects on LinkedIn. View your prospects' complete professional information from LinkedIn inside your CRM and have the required insights to interact better.

IFerret out new leads from

Generate quality leads from Facebook and have all of your lead information synced in LMS. Manage Facebook conversations together with your prospects in real-time. Set up listening streams for every time a prospect or competitor messages you or mentions your brand. You can also use the help of Sales Signals to get real-time Facebook notifications.

Disburse Leads Automatically

Pre-defined workflow rules allow you to assign leads to sales reps based on supported geography, product, or department. You may also use round-robin queues to route leads equally and optimize follow-ups. Make sure that you do not miss out on leads simply because of improper customer engagement methods.

Encourage more leads via omnichannel communication.

Utilize PRP LMS omnichannel communication as a medium to connect with your leads as soon they land on your site, convert every interaction into sales, and catch the day-to-day drop-off leads. Engage with your leads via social media, telephone, live chat, and even in person.

Create Customized emails for targeted email campaigns

Engage prospects at every stage of the sales funnel through effective email marketing campaigns. Create targeted campaigns for strategically important customers in your list supported a spread of parameters like previous engagement, geography, and purchase history.

Make your Leads
as your Deals.

When leads are willing to shop for your products or services, turn them into deals with just a click. While converting, you'll also create immediate follow-up tasks. PRP LMS mobile app assists you to change your promising results into deals faster. Moreover, automatic data association of results in contacts or accounts means all of your lead information is successfully retained and associated with a contact's information.

Catch on the ad campaigns which bring you quality leads.

PRP LMS service with Google Ads will bring you an entire picture of your online ad spending and how much revenue each campaign generates. With this integration, you'll know the perfect set of keywords that convert, cost per conversion information, and personalize your sales talk accordingly. You can even figure out which ads and keywords are the most cost-effective with the help of Google ad analytics and LMS service.

Unsurpassed use of PRP LMS built-in analytics functionality.

Get significant insights using pipeline trends and patterns across any given timeframe and with the lead funnel activities, for example territories producing the most leads, how numerous sales calls were made, emails sent, meetings held, tasks completed by every individual salesperson and every salesperson reaction time. Recognize which lead source is bringing right, quality leads, and expands your efforts in those areas to increase your marketing and sales ROI.