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PRP Mobility’s unique offer – Get all telephony services for Free!

PRP Services’ newest venture PRP Mobility launches with a big bang as the company is offering its IVR services for free to users who register for the same. Users can enjoy their telephony service of IVR (interactive voice response) for no cost for a week. The IVR service allows automated identification, segmentation and routing of calls to the right department, without any need of human intervention. With clear messages and instructions, callers get to talk to the right agents in no time, thus reducing call centre costs, minimizing errors and improving efficiency in communication. This offer can be availed online instantly for those interested in just a few steps.
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PRP Services Introduces an Exciting New Loyalty Program

PRP Services
We are announcing an amazing offer for our loyal patrons and customers. Now you can choose to opt-in to our very own special loyalty program and reap amazing additional benefits and discounts. Our loyalty program offers are designed to present our valued clients’ tangible incentives for maintaining their trust and loyalty with our brand. We work hard to offer advanced tech-driven, value adding services in an industry full of empty promises, where everyone seems to be offering their own versions of a same standard recipe.
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