Enterprise Bulk SMS Service

Bulk SMS Service is also known as bulk messaging, bulk SMS texting, business SMS, or even text SMS marketing. It is a service that allows small and medium size businesses to send large amount of SMS messages to mobile phones through different networks operators.

It is a very useful and effective marketing tool that help businesses to achieve their mobile marketing goals and tends to achieve real success in today’s mobile world. It will also improve your marketing and customer communication gap. In simple words - bulk SMS service enables you to deliver a text messages to a large number of recipients in just click of a button.

Bulk messaging is a fast, efficient, cost-effective, opt-in based service and it builds meaningful conversation between businesses and customers. Send over semantically precise messages to a large number of devices with just one click. This is one of the easiest and most cost-effective method for promotions these days that is known to generate maximum ROI and leads.

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Why should businesses use bulk SMS service?

Unlike other communication channels, bulk SMS does not keep you guessing whether your business message reached the audience or not. Also, bulk SMS works on permission-based system, i.e. if the person is receiving your messages then they may have asked to be notified by you and are open to receiving promotional messages.

Features of India's best Bulk SMS Service provider

We provide robust and reliable bulk SMS Services in India to Startups and SMEs. With our pan-India coverage,
you can send text SMS messages to your customers anytime, anywhere.

Easy-to-use Control Panel
A reliable, scalable and fully secured bulk SMS software with features like create and manage sender ID's, SMS templates, real-time report, schedule SMS campaigns etc.
Regional Language Support
We support all major regional languages; Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, Marathi and many more.
Free SMS API integration
Integrate our bulk SMS API to your existing software / CRM without any hassle, easy to use.
Real-time delivery report
Check delivery confirmation of each sent Message in SMS Delivery report
Send large text SMS
Send large messages upto 1300 character via our SMS Platform without having to manually break them up into smaller messages.
Dynamic Messaging
Our dynamic SMS messaging allows you to send personalized message to each recipient. Example : Dear #name your pending amount is #value.

Type of Bulk SMS Service

As per (TRAI) Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India there are two type of bulk SMS service:

Promotional SMS
Promotional SMS are sent with the objective of promoting your product and service. These are basically used for Advertisements, Marketing, to target your sales, offers, coupons etc. Promotional SMS can be sent only on NON-DND numbers from 9AM to 9PM.
Transactional SMS
Transactional text messages are also known as informative SMS. These messages are generally meant for sending important information such as alerts, notification, and information to the registered customers.

Advantages of Bulk SMS Services

  • Instant Delivery - It instantly reaches the mobile device of your customers without any hassle.
  • Easy to use SMS Platform - With our SMS marketing platform, it becomes easier to send transactional or promotional messages to group of customers at once.
  • High Open Rate - Bulk SMS marketing provides you with best reliability and open rate in comparison to email campaigns.
  • High Conversion Rate - Whatever product / service offers may send through SMS, it sees the higher conversion.
  • Personalization - If you want to send dynamic SMS based on customer's requirement behaviour or location based, you can achieve this via our platform.
  • Scalable in terms of market potential
  • Real time statistics, tracking & reporting

Bulk SMS Service Pricing

We offer custom pricing plans for high-volume users, so please don't hesitate to contact our sales team to get rates. Some features are not available in all countries. Contact support for more information.

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