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Bulk SMS Marketing can help Boost Travel and Tourism

India is truly incredible when it comes to travel and tourism, no wonder it attracts so many curious souls every year to bask in its culture-rich, diverse glory from all over the world. From being home to some of the grandest palaces and forts, it has beautiful nature reserves and wildlife sanctuaries as well as the relatively new modern metropolitan promising the stars to life stylists.
While many think that bulk SMS marketing has lost its charm and doesn’t work anymore, they are completely wrong about its effect on the travel and tourism industry. We have all experienced the urge to book a trip the moment our mobile beeps with a lucrative offer or hugely discounted ticket prices. SMS communications are fast, simple and quick to consume, it has an instant effect on the recipients and putting a link to drive this interest into action can help boost your travel and tourism business with the least amount of investment and effort.

Here’s why bulk SMS marketing is highly effective for travel and tourism companies:

Brand awareness and effective promotion:
Bulk SMS has far reaching boundaries, with just a click of a button you can send your marketing content to millions of people right in their mobile inboxes ¬ a device they have on themselves all the time. They are the fastest form of communication and with a custom sender ID or a link to your website, you get more than just communication for your business, you get mass advertisement in the most trusted way. After all, what could be better advertised than one-to-one, personalized communication?

Improve customer loyalty:
Bulk SMS is a great channel to improve your customer satisfaction and nurture a loyal client-base. You can easily send notification messages and alerts about booking confirmation, upcoming flights, hotel reservation confirmations or even seat upgrades or delays through SMS.

Moreover, these days there are two-way messaging available through most bulk SMS channels that allow for quick grievance redressal from the clients and improve customer satisfaction. This being the age of the internet, most people are averse to making phone calls, being put in a queue waiting for agents to answer their questions. So, instead providing a faster and easier to use alternative will help customers remain patient and make for an overall better experience. Also, this would decrease pressures on customer support agents thus, reducing the cost of running the business.

Highest open rates and data-driven campaign management:
Many might believe that emails are the best professional way of communication with clients and prospects and to nurture leads. But most email marketing campaigns have only 2-3% open rates. Usually most email users have spam filters and folder segregations that prevent them from receiving promotional mails, and even if they do, they barely open them to see what is on offer.

So, if you have an offer and special deal for your clients, the best way to communicate that news to maximum number of people who will actually review the message is through bulk SMS marketing. This can offer great engagement and increase generation of sales for lucrative industries like travel and tourism, which is already adopting SMS marketing. Major key players of the industry are users of SMS marketing wherein they use the data-based insights to target their audiences better and deliver useful content to the right audience to make their efforts all the more effective.


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