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Bulk SMS Service Provider in Kolkata

Gathering warm leads and driving conversions is the biggest challenge for any marketer. So, in order to be effective you would need all the tools and channels that can offer impactful marketing up your sleeve. Effective communication is the backbone for all marketing campaigns and bulk SMS services ensure just that. You get to say the right things at the right moment to your audience in the least possible efforts and the lowest amount of investment that offers the highest readability. Is it all just hyperbole? Or is there some truth? Read on to find out how bulk SMS service providers in Kolkata can help you drive conversions.


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Bulk SMS Service in Kolkata offers Unique Advantages to Marketers

Send SMS in any language

Sometimes the best way to connect with your audience is by speaking in their language. Now send bulk SMS in regional languages using special characters through our services for increased readership and impactful marketing.

Developer APIs

You can integrate our SMS dashboard with any third party app with SMTP and HTTP for sending out messages through web apps or desktop apps. Integrate your CRM with our SMS dashboard to organize your customer database management and send targeted SMS to users segments with ease.

Send flash messages

You can send flash messages that are read instantly by your audience through our bulk SMS gateway. Flash messages are instantly prompted on the users’ mobile screen thus allowing instant readership the moment they unlock their phone.

Highest open rates

Unlike other expensive marketing channels, bulk SMS services come at low competitive prices and a variety of useful data-driven features. Bulk SMS messages still enjoy the highest readability in comparison to other promotional channels.

Data-driven insights

You get to see detailed insights of your audience and the readership of your SMS campaign in your easy-to-use SMS dashboard. This helps you fine tune your campaigns for maximum success and create targeted messages that will connect to specific audience classes.

Benefits of Using Our Bulk SMS Services In Kolkata

PRP Services helps you create effective marketing strategies together. We are prepared to be your communication partners helping you expand with us. With a global footprint and pan-India service base our bulk SMS packages are customized to meet your business needs. Unlike other providers of bulk SMS in Kolkata, we ensure strict quality control and offer 24*7 technical support to ensure your communication systems never experience a downtime.