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Bulk SMS Service Provider in Jaipur

Have a thriving business in the royal city of Jaipur and would like to market your products or services? Then look no further as we offer the most cost effective, yet impactful promotional channel to deliver your business messages to millions of people in a single click.

PRP Services offers packages in bulk SMS services in Jaipur to help promote your business, in the most affordable and effective manner. Imagine, what could be any better way to promote your business than through the device that is always with people and manages to catch their attention every time it rings.


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Benefits of Bulk SMS Service in Jaipur

SMS marketing is becoming increasingly popular with mobile marketers because of the several advantages it offers-

Speed and flexibility: the modern business environment is fluid, so all businesses must adapt and remain flexible to react to the changing market conditions. Bulk SMS campaigns are highly flexible in the way that they offer data-driven insights that help you modify your strategy and target specific groups with the most engaging content through the fastest medium of mobile phones.

Highest open Rates: This is no secret that bulk SMS campaigns still gather the largest eyes and have the highest open and reading rates than its most well-known counterparts, like email. Emails gather only 20% open rates in 48 hours, while bulk SMS gathers 98% readability within 5 minutes of reach.

Targeted audience: Bulk SMS is the easiest way to reach a targeted audience with a relevant and engaging message curated to drive action and generate leads. While others offer some targeting, bulk SMS dashboards have intuitive design that help you segment and target your audience through multiple layers to assess results better.

Low Cost Yet High Returns: While this may seem like hyperbole, but bulk SMS is every marketer’s dream when it comes to its ratio of cost to returns. It has the least setup and running cost and requires minimal efforts, unlike other forms of marketing activities. But yields immediate high returns when done right.

Personalized communication: SMS messages have short, easy to consume messages that offer a light and informal channel of business communication. They often help brands endear themselves with their audience through personalization, and one-to-one focused communication system


Not sure about this service? Contact to our Sales Specialist today!

Talk to Sales, 1800-313-5152

Why Choose PRP's Bulk SMS Service in Jaipur

With PRP Services you get bulk SMS packages with data-driven, easy to use platforms that comes at the most competitive prices. Moreover, you can trust the pioneers of telephony technology in India as we offer developer’s APIs or XML APIs to help integrate our bulk SMS platform with your CRM tools. We support pan India SMS messaging as well as international messaging through all major carriers in India.

With us you can also opt for premium transactional SMS service, long code and short code messaging to get your important message across. SMS these days are no longer only used for promotion only but also for important notifications and alerts. Enjoy 100 percent uptime and instantaneous message delivery, with custom packages suitable for your business needs, talk to an expert now.