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Bulk SMS Services in Bhopal

Bulk SMS is not only limited to promotional and marketing content curation, but also for notifying important alerts and transactional notifications. PRP Services’ premium bulk SMS gateway helps you send transactional messages with lighting speed. We guarantee % uptime with fast message delivery.

High ROI
It may seem intriguing to invest in large billboards or run costly ad campaigns, but is it smart? It is difficult to have a definitive answer to that question with the volatile market nowadays. We as a reputable bulk SMS provider in Bhopal offer the most affordable rates with highest returns in terms of speed and flexibility.
Instant reach and flexibility
Competition and change are only two factors constant in today’s volatile market situation. Success thrives on businesses being nimble and adaptable to change. Bulk SMS campaigns are highly flexible and offer great insights through data-rich backend dashboards, so that you can curate targeted content to your audience.
Forge a lasting relationship
SMS campaigns are personal in the way that they reach right into the people’s device inbox. You can use them to not only send special deals and offers, targeted to them but also create a loyal user-base by forging a relationship. Send them wishes on special days and occasions, to show that brands care for their customers to form a brand-loyal community.
Highest opens and reads
Many swear by the effect of email marketing and other forms of content marketing channels, but data suggests that bulk SMS is still very much a viable, thriving avenue of communicating with prospects. The read rates of SMS is as high as 98% within first 5 minutes of reaching the recipient which still remains undefeated by other forms of promotion.
Personalized communication
SMS messages have short, easy to consume messages that offer a light and informal channel of business communication. They often help brands endear themselves with their audience through personalization, and one-to-one focused communication system.

PRP Services is the pioneering cloud telephony service provider in India; we support all major mobile phone carriers. Moreover, we also provide free developers’ API or XML sitemaps to help you integrate our bulk SMS system with your inventory software. With pan India reach as well as global message sending capabilities, we are prepared to grow with you.

We offer customizable SMS packages suitable to your business needs. Enjoy 100% uptime with lighting fast delivery, data driven insightful campaigns and the most competitive rates only with us at PRP Services. to know more get in touch with an expert now!

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