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Bulk SMS Service Provider in Faridabad

Welcome to one of India’s foremost bulk SMS service provider, now offering Bulk SMS Services in Faridabad and other developing cities where commercial activities are now taking shape.

We aim to achieve holistic development through our communication services, thus are keen on extending the benefits of bulk SMS solutions along with other telephony services to small and medium businesses operating in the developing towns of the country.


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Features of Bulk SMS in Faridabad

Bulk SMS campaigns in Faridabad can boost your business-

Robust infrastructure: With our services, you don’t need additional investments on communication infrastructure. We have designed and developed a system that is easy to use, fast and reliable for sending bulk SMS through the web application. So, you don’t need complex software modules or the expense of extra man-hours.

Global reach with 99.9% accuracy: We are a local bulk SMS service provider you can trust, with a global footprint. Send SMS anywhere in the world through us, at any time with assured delivery and accurate reporting. We are equipped to grow with you as you expand your business.

Genuine real-time reports: Unlike other unscrupulous and cheap bulk SMS providers we do not inflate reports or manipulate data. You can base your campaign strategies on our authentic, real-time reporting for optimum success. Gather real leads and feedbacks with an SMS provider that understands your business needs.

Scheduled campaigns: Need to shoot off bulk SMS on weekends or holidays, but do not want to come in to work? With us you can schedule your SMS campaigns to be sent at a desired date and time, without any supervision or human help. It is a complete automated designed for your convenience.

Uptime always: No matter what time of the day, you can push to send unlimited SMS at anytime of the day. Our servers are always up and running to get your message across the fastest. We offer reliable servers that ensure 100 percent uptime and ready for fallback round the clock, every day.


Not sure about this service? Contact to our Sales Specialist today!

Talk to Sales, 1800-313-5152

Why Choose PRP's Bulk SMS Service in Faridabad?

Bulk SMS Services in Faridabad although simple offer huge results at comparably a fraction of the cost with respect to other major advertising and promotional channels. They still enjoy the highest open and read rates as it reaches directly to the recipients’ mobile inbox and is easy to glance over.

PRP Services offers all kinds of bulk SMS Services in Faridabad with pan-India delivery as well as global reach. With us you can send over promotional SMS, transactional SMS, international SMS or even setup a secure OTP delivery gateway for verification and confirmation.

For more information on how to leverage bulk SMS for business benefits, talk to our SMS campaign manager today!