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Best Bulk SMS Service Provider in Bangalore

The recent years has seen the advent of Bulk SMS marketing and there are several factors behind its peaking popularity. Bulk SMS services are easier, faster and more affordable.

Increasing number of businesses be it big or small are using Bulk SMS services in Bangalore for their promotional activities. These services are used along with other traditional marketing techniques such as e-mail promotions and advertising. But bulk SMS seems to be surpassing the efficacy of all these traditional marketing tools combined.

The increasing number of mobile phones is the reason for the efficiency of bulk SMS services. More and more people are now signing in to the mobile telephony network, which provides ample ground for marketers to promote their product.


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Scalability is another factor that makes bulk SMS so attractive to marketers. You can scale up your reach from a single city to several states, to entire country with bulk SMS. From a handful of users to hundreds of recipients, you can send your promotional messages through bulk SMS service in Bangalore to any number of potent leads with just a push of a button. This means you can reach out to audiences even in rural areas where your hoardings, banners, newspaper advertisements or TVCs may not sink their teeth.

Also, there are more chances of generating response through a simple, personalized SMS as compared to other forms of mass promotional activities. There are greater chances of your SMS being opened and read and the interested lead responding to your message than that through an advertisement or email as they do not have to hurl their laptop during their busy schedules.

Finally, there is a greater good that comes with this ingenious marketing tool. You are helping save the environment by avoiding paper-based advertisements that are slow to reach and cumbersome to handle. We at PRP Services, are one of the leading bulk SMS providers in Bangalore, we offer you the best deals on bulk SMS. Try us and you’ll know the difference.