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Bulk SMS Services in Aurangabad

While many may think that bulk SMS services do not work, the truth remains completely the opposite. Bulk SMS Thane communications are still effective in generating leads, conducting promotions and for brand awareness. Your marketing message, crafted to reach a targeted audience base will reach thousand of recipient within seconds. And all this comes at a fraction of the cost of other major promotional channels like print and media.

Enjoy the advantages of bulk SMS with our robust infrastructure

Track campaign metrics
Marketing through SMS campaigns reaps huge benefits as you can completely take the guesswork out of the system. See the numbers and get detailed reports on performances for all text messages and link opens sent over.
Send SMS via web
Easy to web based interface makes it easy to send carefully crafted bulk SMS Kalyan messages to millions of recipients through the web. Simply upload an Excel sheet of the contacts and you are done. We do the heavy lifting for you.
Integrate APIs
Developers have the ease to integrate any application, or company CRM to maintain workflows while using our SMS dashboard. Integrating APIs is easy with our system.
Freedom of choice
Your customers’ experience will not be compromised with annoying or unsolicited communications, bulk SMS comes with easy opt-in and opt-out offers as per their convenience. This way they’ll know you care.
High open rates
It is common knowledge that SMS messages still have the highest open rates in comparison to other promotional communications like emails. Short and crisp messages deliver what’s important without causing annoyance to recipients.
Bulk SMS services come at a fraction of the cost of other promotional and marketing activities. But we don’t compromise our quality in SMS delivery or reporting unlike several others in the market who inflate results.

PRP Services is the most trusted bulk SMS service provider in Aurangabd, Pimpri and Thane as we support the growth of SMEs and independent businesses and help them thrive and flourish in the competitive environment of today. You can choose customizable bulk SMS packages suitable to your business needs for promotional, transactional and business SMS service at low prices.

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