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Best Bulk SMS Service Provider in Ahmedabad

If you are looking for prominent bulk SMS service provider in Ahmedabad at very affordable rates? Also, want to let your SMS marketing message be heard by millions at once? Then use our reliable & scalable SMS marketing platform and send curated marketing messages to target audiences at a reasonable rate.

Ahmedabad being one of the economic capitals of the country is thriving with cut-throat competition in all sectors of businesses and the best way to get ahead of competitors is to create a loyal base of long term customers with proper branding.

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Advantages of SMS Marketing in Ahmedabad

Fast delivery

SMS is lightning fast in delivery. You click a button and the right content will reach millions of mobile users within a few seconds. As per studies, when sent through a strong delivery network an SMS can reach all the audience in a time as less as 7 seconds. This is unmatchable with any other form of promotional activity.

SMS is flexible

One of the biggest advantages with bulk SMS from PRP is that it is flexible. We are ready to grow with you. You want to send messages to a 100 or to 100,000, you can get it delivered by us without any hefty cost. You can easily scale up your database of recipients as per your business needs without needing to worry about anything.

High open rates

Despite what many would like to believe, SMS is far from being dead. We still read our messages within a few seconds of receiving them as our mobile phones buzz with the message alert. SMS are read much more than long emails and elaborate pitches. They are short, crisp and concise and are quick to glance over and effective.

Boost customer satisfaction

You can notify your customers of the payment made, of order delivery status, of special deals made just for them or even wish them on their special days like birthdays and anniversaries. Brands that take care of their customers are successful in forging lasting relationships with them. Bulk SMS helps you communicate with your customers and prospects through an easy medium thus, helping boost customer satisfaction levels.

Cost effective

SMS marketing is a competitive field like any other in this era. So, bulk SMS services come at great bargain of prices. Moreover, most platforms offers different packages of features that offers data mining and database management of your customers. Scalability, flexibility and customizable bulk SMS packages from PRP Services come at a fraction of the cost of other marketing avenues and offer better returns.

Target and segment audiences and deliver diligent branding to let them see you as the right product or service provider of their choice! Bulk SMS marketing in Gujarat from PRP Services is very effective as it offers large penetration, has an enormous reach and offers faster results as opposed to traditional advertising media.