Virtual Receptionist Vs. Traditional Call Centers - Who is Better?

By LeadAdmin | 04/09/2019 | Cloud Telephony

You need more than just simple professionalism for handling important business calls from clients and other stakeholders. However, when it comes to choosing suitable people for the job, most companies be it large or small spare less than for any other position. A receptionist is the welcoming voice and face for your company, he or she is the point of first impression for your business to prospects and should project an image suitable to the brand image you aim to project for your organization. So, inherently they should be much more than polite, they should be consistent, patient and avoid making errors with a contingency plan in place that is fail safe.

Such high expectations can be difficult to be met by any skilled humans, but such consistency and intuitiveness with prompt actions is something that humans have mastered through their own creations. Virtual receptionists while do sound dystopian like futuristic are widely used by large corporations as well as small businesses for the benefits they offer.

What is Virtual Receptionist?

Businesses no matter the industry or the economy always run on thin ice when it comes to customers. A small bad experience with your company and your clients will not a minute to switch over to your competitors. This also includes every time they place to call to connect with your business and are left unanswered, put on hold for endless hours and after all that not having their problem resolved or query answered by the right person with the right information. A virtual receptionist is your solution to all these aforementioned problems and more.

However, virtual receptionists should not be confused with a robotic physical entity; it’s a simple software program that virtually takes care of everything that is expected of a human receptionist and more within a timely manner and with more speed and accuracy. You will no longer have the phones ringing off the hook on an empty reception desk, no calls would go unattended, and so your brand image will be maintained as a reliable and reputable organization that cares about its customers and is here to stay and serve and not run overnight. A virtual receptionist will help you build a meaningful relationship through systematic workflows and organization within your company from the very first point of contact with you. Moreover, if in any case a call is missed due to technical discrepancies an IVR service provider offers systems that send automated message alerts to let you know about calling back the missed connect.

Moreover, a good virtual receptionist comes with the following features:

  • Call recording
  • Call tracking
  • Easy call centre setup
  • IVR Service
  • Analytics of data
  • Improvement of customer service


Furthermore, virtual receptionist services are cost effective, location independent, do not need a new infrastructure and offer benefits like CRM integration, analytics and a single number for the operation of your whole business like your own identity.