Why Your Business Should Need a Virtual IVR Number?

By Rishi | 07/01/2020 | Virtual Number

Interactive Voice Response System (IVRs) is the fast-growing automatic customer response system in large and small-scale industries. Mostly small-scale industries are trying to focus on IVRS to improve their response to their customers. Small-scale industries, emphasis on keeping their customers engaged so that the feedback from costumers about the concern will not fade away for the long term.

What is Interactive Voice Response System (IVRs)?

Interactive Voice Response or IVR is an automated cloud telephony system that automatically interacts with caller without any human intervention and helps to route the calls to the most appropriate departments / agents. It provides more professional way to your customers to interact with organization and freeing up sales / supports agents to focus on more value-added interactions. 

The powerful combination of technology is an efficient and direct method to connect your customers to the right agent in your organization.

Interactive Voice Response System mainly targets on reducing the human resources in organizations where the customer's incoming calls flow will be more. 

Unfortunately, limited human resources cannot handle all the customer's calls per day and missed most and important business sales call.

To increase the proficiency of the organization with a limited workforce is the main motive of IVRs.

Why Businesses Needs a Virtual IVR Number?

Nowadays Virtual IVR number is one of the indirect ways of customer service that you are investing in your business. Whether it is a large scale or small-scale industry. When a business person thinks, there should not be any small gap also in their business; then the virtual number should not be left behind. Start utilizing the benefits of the virtual number to its core.

What is a Virtual IVR Number?

This is a telephone number that lacks direct association to any telephone line but allows you to contact the person that you want to get in touch with. A clear and more literal example is that if you call a virtual number, you will be routed to other devices before finally being connected to the number that you want to contact. 

How does virtual phone number works?

The size of the business world shrunk utilizing technology, and now people feel they are nearby with their clients or customers even when they are 5000 to 7000 miles apart. 

The Virtual phone system is an advanced cloud-hosted telephony feature. A single virtual number can work for multiple departments. It uses DTMF technology to gather caller's response and forward the call based on their input to the right department.

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Features of Virtual Number

There are several features by which virtual number can be a part of your business.

  1. Transferring the call: You do not want to call several people in an office to discuss different information. Instead, you can call only one number, and your call will be transferred to different locations based on your needs. The call transferring facility is the most important feature of a virtual number.
  2. Reaching conference call: Here is another significant benefit of the virtual number. You do not need to call each person separately to discuss the same information. Instead, you can call one number and make all the required person present in one call. This feature is a conference call, and it plays a vital role when each person is far away, and they need to meet for a particular discussion.
  3. Voice mailing facility: If you are busy with some other work and you are unable to attend your customer call, there is an option called voice mail. Using this feature, your customer can drop a voice mail so that you will get an alert mail. You can listen to the record and understand why the customer called you. After studying, you can reply to your customer immediately or later when you get time.
  4. Barging in a conference call: If your manager or your higher official want to take part in your conference call, they no need to wait in the queue. Instead, they will have the facility to barge into the conference call ad take part in the discussion anytime.
  5. Intelligent call routing: This allows the system to identify the caller and the reason why they are calling to assign them to the right agent. It is quite efficient as it breaks the barrier of physical location. Intelligent call routing can take place regardless of where the caller is contacting from which can be very convenient for your company in dealing with customers that are physically far.
  6. Call recording: While using a virtual phone number, you have the option to record calls. Now call recording allows a wide variety of advantages these including, automated call recording, relief from the tiresome work of taking notes, ability to retrieve important data through reviewing calls, using recorded calls to simplify staff training, analyze the requirements of the customer among others.
  7. Call analysis and reporting: Virtual numbers offer retrieval of phone call history through which the user can use to analyze and track calls that have been made in the past which can, in turn, be very useful in tracking clients and having as proof of transaction.
  8. Office hour configuration: Virtual numbers offer your business capabilities of working remotely. The business number (which is a virtual number) can be configured to work around your business hours with ease. This offers your business employees a chance to explore business opportunities outside the office without having to burden themselves with the worries of missing a client's call. 


To do prosperous business, you should keep the current business growth and future commitments to your customers. Always thrive to keep your customer engaged so that they should not think about searching for an alternative source. IVR services might play a small role in that, but that will be an essential role and becomes a significant contribution to your business. So, start investing in Virtual Phone System to become successful.