6 Tips to Use SMS Marketing for Cyber Monday Success in 2020

By Rishi | 19/12/2020 | Cyber Monday Tips

The biggest retail festival is upon us and every business is rolling up their sleeves to make Cyber Monday a success. While mostly known for its American roots, Cyber Monday is catching up in other countries too, like the UK. As per reports, the UK spent £8 Billion last year on Cyber Monday 4-day weekend.

Many marketers attribute this growth of the biggest shopping extravaganza to the popularity of mobile phones. The mobile has been touring over desktop when it comes to traffic to business sites from mobile devices. Even 2 years ago in 2017, Black Friday deals enjoyed 66% traffic from mobile devices to the websites. This year international marketers are preparing to spend more with a projection of £10 Billion, in the UK itself.

Make the most of mobile devices

SMS messages though believed to be out of fashion are still effective when it comes to business messages and notifications. They have an open rate of 90 - 98 percent and usually are read within the first 3 minutes of the message arriving. So, letting customers know about special Cyber Monday sales through mobile marketing becomes imperative in 2019. If you want your users to browse your deals and cart items during the Cyber Monday sale, it's essential to send a text message with the link to the URL. SMS has a click-through rate of 19% while its counterpart email 4.2%.

Here’s how SMS can accelerate Cyber Monday retail and e-commerce business:

1. Re-targeting abandons

Basket abandon rates often go as high as 79 percent during the festive season. Businesses can re-target such users with a persuasive text message to give them the necessary push to convert, by picking up where they left off. Such convenience of text communication encourages conversions while also keeping user experience high. 

2. Stock availability alerts

Let customers know when the items they wish to buy or had set to be notified is up on the shelves again. Spreading the buzz on low stock or new stock arrivals can increase traffic and footfall into sites and stores by manifolds, due to the sense of urgency it creates.

3. Notify deals on wish-list items

Much like stock notifications, deals on items in users’ wish-list can help nudge them to cart and transact in the site. These are more personalized and have higher chances of conversion and also add to the user experience.

4. Early-birds and opt-ins

Let the big-spending locals know about the Cyber Monday deals early on. Provide them with special offers like exclusive opt-ins and deals or pre-sales deals. Use keywords or shortcodes via SMS and incentivize shopping in-stores.

5. Discount codes and SMS vouchers

Increase sales through sales promotions the tried-and-tested way with special discount codes to drive additional sales and increase traffic and footfall.

6. Delivery updates

Keep customers updated with their order shipping and delivery details, add additional information like delivery agents’ contact and other convenient features to make shopping a good experience.

Make the most of Cyber Monday with the improved customer experience and multichannel communication, leveraging SMS marketing with us. For information on Cyber Monday and Cyber Monday promotions follow this space!

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