How SMS Marketing Helps You Promote Your Products & Services?

By LeadAdmin | 05/09/2019 | SMS Marketing

It was back in 2008, when the famous business analyst Mary Meeker first made the bold statement that by 2014 mobile usage for browsing the internet will surpass the desktop usage for the same, globally, by a large amount.

Now standing 4 years later, we must agree that she was right. All kinds of mobile devices especially smart phones have surpassed the desktop and laptop usage for browsing the internet, especially the percentage of the time spent on the WWW for online shopping or research on the same.

The importance of bulk SMS marketing for businesses

The world’s internet future is strongly being shaped around the mobile sector, people are now most comfortable doing shopping from their mobile devices or browsing offers. So, evidently businesses must look towards mobile marketing to stay market relevant, cut the noise of competition and target the right audience.

An important part of mobile marketing is bulk SMS services that occupies a central role and is almost an inseparable part of mobile marketing. People are so attached to their smartphones these days that they check their phones at least thrice within an hour even during the busiest parts of their day! So, it is imperative for companies to target all avenues of the phone usage to grab the customer’s attention and reach the top of the list.

Bulk SMS services is an empowering tool for marketers that allows them to send personalized and highly segmented, targeted messages to the potential leads and be read from their own inbox! Text messages sent in bulk is the simplest way to interact with and engage with a large audience mass, by sharing useful information with them, announcing product launches, special offers or communicating special value points. With just a simple click one can deliver their well-thought marketing messages to numerous mobile devices, instantly almost anywhere in the world. The main reason why this works offering the maximum ROI is because it offers the fastest 2-way communication system through very crisp SMS messages. Thus, making this the ideal marketing avenue for businesses that aspire to have a global expanse.

Here’s why bulk SMS works for effective marketing

Capture the largest customer-base

With bulk SMS services one can capture the largest customer-base with the least effort and expense. Bulk SMS service providers in Delhi offer great value for money packages suitable to the business needs of most companies. It is easy to build your brand one reader at a time through well-thought promotions sent to their inbox.

SMS is the most ROI-driven tool of digital marketing

Do you want to send 500 messages or a 1000 or even 5 million within a single minute with just a few clicks of the mouse? You can be assured that the pricing will hardly break the bank.

Highest open rates

Bulk SMS is still the leader in open rates with almost 99% readers reading the messages that land in their inbox. Not many people sift through promotional emails that go to the junk within a few days before even being read, also social media ads and promotions may feel overly intrusive and can be controlled by users to lessen them. With bulk SMS your marketing message will be read by the targeted audience.

Start messaging your customers today

Bulk SMS helps to build a brand identity that customers know and trust, as sending well-timed messages relevant to their needs is the best form of sales-flattery any brand worth its salt can do, and that’s what bulk SMS service providers help you do!