How an IVR Service Provider Can Help You Grow Restaurant Business?

By LeadAdmin | 03/09/2019 | Virtual Number

India is a land of foodies! No matter the culture, class or creed we all love to eat and are quite enthusiastic about trying out new dishes. This has brought about a positive change in the restaurant business, where more and more eateries are opening up, prices are coming down, varieties and options are increasing and we hungry eaters are getting more for less.

You may have a restaurant with the check marks to be a hip joint thronged by the city’s food-loving crowds. But despite all the efforts, the special china, the meticulously designed menu and the amazing décor with live music, interest may remain lukewarm. Reviews may be subpar and crowds may dwindle to the eatery off the street into the competitions’ doors.

There could be numerous reasons for that happening, may be despite all the efforts and great selection of food your service was slow, may be the prices are calling for deeper pockets for most, may be the Naan bread wasn’t hot enough! It could be a million tiny things and the only way you would find out is when disgruntled customers take their hungry dissatisfaction and type out a negative review at a public review forum for other food-lovers to see.

Also, there are more chances of generating response through a simple, personalized SMS as compared to other forms of mass promotional activities. There are greater chances of your SMS being opened and read and the interested lead responding to your message than that through an advertisement or email as they do not have to hurl their laptop during their busy schedules.

Let’s face it, waiting for a table when you are well-dressed, ready to eat and have driven a long way from home for a special night out can be frustrating. The hospitality industry of all others needs to build a strong rapport with their customers. The customers rightfully feel that they should get services and food orders worth every paisa they spent and that’s a reasonable demand too. So, restaurants try to improvise through their menus, their ambience and interiors or through various quirky experiences – some of which may work, some may not. So, what’s a, irrefutable way to drive customer satisfaction and build a loyal base of regulars for your restaurant business?

The first step to address such concerns is to take a look at the basic problems with the service. Like for instance:

Once, you have pinned the problem areas, look for solutions that directly address them. A great solution is to streamline communications for the customers. Most restaurant businesses are hyper focused on their food that other basic service related arrangements fall through the cracks. If you want your venture to grow, then get a customizable IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system to organize communications and handle the non-stop customer calls. Nobody likes to face a busy tone when calling, especially when they are in the middle of planning a great party.

Here’s how an IVR service provider can help your restaurant business to grow:

  • Do branding with your memorable toll free number across customer touch points.
  • Agitated customers would immediately calm down and be patient when they’ll be responded with a friendly IVR voice response in their own language. They need to feel heard and know actions are being taken and an IVR service for restaurants does just that.
  • Customers can now make reservations without needing to talk to an agent.
  • Customers can confirm their bills or packages with just a few taps on their phones.
  • You don’t need to worry about bad reviews, complaints or get impatient trying to get customer feedbacks; there is an easy and free to use system to leave them with you directly.

We often do not appreciate the simple things in life. Customer service is a big umbrella that includes several channels. With an IVR service for your restaurant, you can let your skilled staffs take care of the things they do best – provide amazing service to the guests, while the IVR system takes care of your regular calls without any large investments or infrastructural change! Interactive Voice Response services are highly affordable and can be customized as per your need. If you’re a restaurant then this may just be the solution for you to start receiving 5/5 reviews!