How to improve hospital patient experience with Cloud telephony services?

By vinay | 11/01/2023 | Cloud Telephony

Cloud telephony services in healthcare refer to a range of communication solutions that use cloud-based technology to improve communication between patients and healthcare providers. These services can include features such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, automated call routing, and virtual consultations through telephone.

Cloud telephony services can be used in several ways to improve the patient experience in a hospital setting:

  1. Automated call routing: Cloud telephony services can help manage high call volume by providing automated call routing. Callers can be directed to the appropriate department or provider based on their needs, which can reduce the burden on live operators and ensure that calls are handled efficiently.

  2. Appointment scheduling: Patients can use cloud telephony services to schedule appointments with their healthcare providers, which can reduce wait times and provide them with more control over when they receive care.

  3. IVR system: Cloud telephony services can provide an IVR system for patients, allowing them to access information, schedule appointments, and even receive care through self-service options which can improve patient satisfaction by providing more transparency and control over their care.

  4. Multi-Language Support: Cloud telephony services can provide support for multiple languages, which is important for a multicultural hospital setting, to ensure that all patients can understand the options and select their preferred language for more accurate and efficient communication.

  5. Remote Care: Cloud telephony services can be used to connect patients and healthcare providers remotely through telephone which can improve access to care and can be particularly useful for patients in remote or underserved areas.

  6. Text messaging and WhatsApp chatbot services: Cloud telephony services can also include bulk SMS  and WhatsApp Business Chatbot services that can help to improve communication with patients, especially for those who prefer not to speak on the phone or who have hearing or speech difficulties.

  7. Reporting and Analytics: Cloud telephony services can provide reporting and analytics on call volume, wait times, and patient interactions, which can help the hospital identify areas for improvement and make changes to enhance the patient experience.

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