5 Clever Ways Businesses Use Text Messaging

By LeadAdmin | 13/09/2019 | SMS Marketing

Ever thought about the only thing that never leaves your side is just your mobile phone! India’s mobile market is growing at a tremendous rate, recent data from TRAI suggested that India just reached its mark of having 1 billion mobile users, which is great news given that India’s economy is progressing for a brighter future. The increase in use of mobile phones is sign of dramatic change that is occurring in the society in how people communicate and do business.

What is Text or SMS Messaging?

Businesses are based on communication and thanks to the advent of better mobile technology and its use, people are aware of media like SMS (short messaging service). Every mobile phone user has access to messages and uses them, hence is also familiar with the system. A groundbreaking survey data revealed that people touch their phones almost 2617 times a day, thus, it is understandable why the open rate of SMS messages is so high up to 98 percent. Data also reveals that people open most SMS messages within 3 minutes of it being delivered.

It is now commonplace for consumers to be notified of purchases, special deals and other notification from their preferred vendors and service providers. Thus, SMS marketing with the help of bulk SMS providers has emerged to be a powerful business promotional tool that is affordable, fast and effective for businesses of varying scales. However, bulk SMS marketing like most other things in business requires some planning and thought to equip itself with valuable content and also bring value to the recipient.

Send delivery status updates to strengthen the relationship:

Each transaction with a customer is an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with them. So, utilize and make the most of these opportunities with simple acts of transparency, by sending those messages to notify the delivery status of their order or the status of their transaction. This way the customer feels like they are kept in the loop with clear communication and are a part of the process. Messages can help strengthen business relationships and boost your reputation in the industry.

Getting feedbacks from surveys:

Traditional survey methods are often over-intrusive and require filling up of long, time taking questionnaire. They are cumbersome to carry out with all the paperwork and the digital media through emails and the likes require a lot of follow-up. SMS is a good way conducting short and precise surveys with just the few questions you want the feedback for or running polls that let businesses know what their customers want.

Effective marketing:

Bulk SMS services though may seem over-intrusive and being annoying to the recipient who has his/her phone inbox populated with unrelated messages. But that is not always the case, with sophisticated segmentation and tracking systems from data-driven bulk SMS providers you can really target effective audience and bring your messages to most relevant masses, thus, opening new business opportunities for you.

Efficient reminders:

Helping your clients remember their appointments or their payment due dates is an effective way of strengthening business relationships and fostering a community of brand loyal masses. It is the best way to gently remind people in between their long busy day.

You can promote your app:

SMS marketing is a great tool for promoting other collaterals like apps, with special promotional offers that boost app installs the best way to communicate such offers is through SMS messages that allows one click installation.