How Does SMS Marketing Work For Airlines?

By LeadAdmin | 13/09/2019 | SMS Marketing

Marketing is a game of creativity with the rising competition in every industry. With the increase in the number of platforms where you can engage your potential customers, companies find it a daunting task to create and offer marketable content at the right platform during the right time so, as to gain the maximum visibility with least spend. But an area that is still growing despite what popular belief might be is SMS marketing. Airlines have been slowly adopting this impactful marketing tool and embracing its benefits for the better.

With numerous players in the market and lack of customer loyalty airlines these days have been going through a bit of a struggle. While other promotional avenues can be quite heavy on the pocket, the innovations in the SMS marketing solutions can bring about positive change to industry and help smart marketers overcome market challenges.

Here’s how SMS marketing is integrated with other marketing efforts of airlines for better:

Deal notifications can drive conversions:

These days airline deals is a buzz word and most people who choose to travel look for the most affordable offers. Moreover, these days many travelers are on the lookout for great airline deals whose entire travel plans depend on the availability of affordable means. A great way to attract customers for airlines is to offer them what they are looking for right in their mobile inbox. That way, even the ones that were not looking to travel, may change their minds and make new travel plans due to special deals being offered from the airlines. And what better way to communicate these deals than through bulk SMS marketing as it reaches fast and is received and opened by the receivers the most.

Improve customer loyalty:

These days customer loyalty is hard to come by in the airline industry, as most travel plans are based on affordability. So, it is evident people would not always pick the same airline every time they fly, very few have exclusive preferences. To deal with this problem many airlines offer benefits and bonuses for repeating customers for their loyalty. Such offers can do wonders to improve the loyalty of fliers and the quickest way to communicate them is through SMS marketing channels. Most such email updates would slide into the spam or promotional folder if sent over through mail and would seldom be opened or read by the customers. By offering more benefits fliers would receive more value for the money and would improve their loyalty to airline brands without considering costs as they would get more value for their money.

SMS marketing is cost-effective and reliable:

If you try to manage multiple channels of communication to inform and notify your clients, it can lead to process bottlenecks and be prone to errors. Needless to say, it also requires hefty investments. SMS marketing dashboards are flexible, customizable and easy to use, they come a fraction of the costs required for other marketing channels and can be easily managed by a single person. Airlines can also send special notification messages like, flight status, ticketing information and others to drive their customer satisfaction levels with little expense. SMS messages also offer great reliability when it comes to a ubiquitous communication system as they are viewable and supported on all kinds of mobile devices. Moreover, as stated above SMS still have the highest open rate of about 98% that remains unmatchable by any other email communication.

In conclusion, since SMS marketing is still relatively new and under-utilized, airline companies must act fast to have their markets cornered for better returns as SMS promises high engagement rates. Making communication easy for clients is the bottom line for every business and the easiest way to achieve that is through SMS marketing.