Free Cloud Telephony Services for Your Startup

By LeadAdmin | 04/09/2019 | Startup Programs

PRP Services’ newest Cloud-based Voice Communication Platform 'PRP Mobility' launches with a big bang as the company is offering its IVR Services for free to Startups who register for the same. Startups can enjoy their cloud telephony service of IVR (interactive voice response) for no cost for 15 days in a limited plan. The IVR Services allows automated identification, segmentation, and routing of calls to the right department, without any need of human intervention. With clear messages and instructions, callers get to talk to the right agents in no time, thus reducing call center costs, minimizing errors, and improving efficiency in communication. This offer can be availed online instantly for those interested in just a few steps.

The offer can be availed for a span of 15 days, which is a no obligatory free trial for users interested in understanding the full scope of this cloud telephony services. To avail, the said offer Startup owners first call to 1800-313-5152 visit their newly unveiled website ''. The website’s welcome screen asks its visitors to log in to the site with their email address. Users can also choose to login via Facebook as the site supports Single sign-on through social media.

Once logged in, the user will be asked to fill in a few basic details to verify their email along with furnishing their KYC document. The KYC document can be any government approved identity like PAN, Adhaar, and Voter’s ID, etc. Once the necessary details have been furnished the user’s free access to their mobility services will be activated instantly citing the entire span of validity. The KYC document has been mandated by the government of India for availing any kind of mobility and communication services as a security measure.

This new offer from the foremost telephony service provider in India, is to help users get acquainted with the latest in mobility and business communications and to address any misconceptions they may have about the technology. Technology has touched everything around us and communication is the one thing that has been impacted the most. Things unimaginable even a few years ago for man to accomplish when it came to communication can now be done with complete ease.

Telephony services have gone through a complete revolution simplifying business communication for the better. They have helped businesses attain transparency, improve customer experience, and made the entire process a hundred times faster. More and more businesses, whether big or small are beginning to understand the benefits and finer nuances behind this seemingly simple solution; with this new offer from PRP Mobility with the free trial will help businesses experience, compare and understand how a solid telephony service can be effective for their business. This is a unique step taken by the cloud telephony service provider who has been one of the foremost pioneers of voice communication technology in India.