How to Get a Toll Free Number in Mumbai to Grow Your Business Fast?

By Rishi | 06/10/2019 | Toll Free Service

Toll-Free Number is a term which has come across your mind a lot of times, but still, some people don't know the meaning of it. So, let us understand the meaning of it in the beginning.

What is Toll-free Number?

A Toll-Free Number can also be said to be a free phone number. It is a number that gives the privilege to your potential customers to reach to your business for free. Toll-Free Numbers usually begin with digits 1800, and they are very easy to remember so that the callers can reach to you easily. The interaction of the client is increased because the calls are free for the clients, and the service subscriber has to pay a nominal charge for all the calls which are made to them.

With the help of a Toll-free number service, you can improvise on the satisfaction of your customers by being available to take their calls. It becomes easy for your customers to ask questions and reach out to you with the help of a Toll-free number. It becomes feasible for the customers to get in contact with you from anywhere in the entire country.

There are various Toll-free number providers in Mumbai. Let us know the process of it.

How to buy a Toll-free number in Mumbai?

There are two options to get a Toll-free number in Mumbai.

  1. You can get it from a TSP (Telecom Service Provider) like Airtel, Idea, Vodafone or BSNL.
  2. You can get it from Cloud Telephony Service Providers like PRP Services Pvt. Ltd., Knowlarity, Exotel etc.

There are a few things to keep in mind before purchasing a Toll-free number service in Mumbai.

  1. Is it not possible for you to set up your infrastructure?
  2. Is it affordable for you to set up an infrastructure and spending on the building, and is it not possible to handle by the in-house IT team?
  3. Is it not possible for you to predict your call volume and scale or descale your infrastructure and cost as per the usage?

If the answers to the above questions are yes, then you should opt for Cloud Telephony Service Providers in Mumbai. There are lots of benefits of choosing Toll free number from Cloud Telephony Company like affordable cost, better customer support, nationwide presence, provide more portability etc.

Features of Toll-Free Number Service

  • Multi-level IVR Setup
    There are several levels of specified interactions and questions which guarantees accurate call routing. The transfers of calls to the designated departments are made very easily without any need for human intervention.
  • Detailed Analytics of Toll-Free Number
    There will be detailed reports provided for every single call in order to measure your efforts accordingly. A detailed analytic report will tell you about everything you need to work on for a particular Toll-free number. You can check report by agent, by caller or by day and many more.
  • Blacklist and Whitelist
    The agents get a better environment when unnecessary calls are blocked. There are a special blocking and filtration which allows you to present a serious business image and it also provides an ease of conducting calls.
  • Configuration of Office Hours
    It provides a ticket generation or specialized alerts for the calls which are made after the office hours. It provides customers with greetings and acknowledgment when the company agents are off-duty.
  • The facility of Voice Mail
    The callers get the facility of sending a voice mail for any messages or queries. Due to this, they do not have to call you again and again, and it becomes easy for you to solve their issues.
  • Skill-based Routing
    The IVR-questions are pre-set for the callers, and they are routed to the appropriate agent who is skilled enough to solve their query. It provides customers with hassle-free operations, and client satisfaction is increased by reducing the waiting time.

Benefits of Toll-Free Number

  • Better services to the customers with an ease of communication.
  • Toll-Free Numbers are easy to remember.
  • The brand reputation is increased.
  • The feature of portability and relocation is very easy.
  • The tracking performance is excellent.
  • The customers get free call access from any location in the country.
  • The detailed analytical report can be obtained.

There are various Toll-free number providers in Mumbai. PRP Services Pvt. Ltd. is considered to be the best Toll-free number provider in Mumbai. The Toll-free number service in Mumbai is working very efficiently, and it is very useful for the businesses.

Price of Toll-Free Number in Mumbai

There are different packages available for getting a Toll-free number in Mumbai. The Toll-free number price starts from Rs. 1599* per month in Mumbai and in this package the calls will be landed directly on the phone number which you have specified. This is the basic packages and you will manage your business calls, route to different departments and agents, and have limited access to the dashboard and features. The company charges coins per calls and there are free coins provided with every purchase of toll-free package.

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Toll-Free Number in Delhi - The Best Boost-up For Enterprises

By LeadAdmin | 03/09/2019 | Toll Free Service

Toll-Free Number is a very common term, and you might have come heard about it a lot of times. You might know a few things about a Toll-Free Number but not everything about it. So, let us discuss it and gather some more information.

What is Toll-Free Number?

As the name suggests, a Toll-Free number is similar to a free phone number. A Toll-Free Number is a phone number which helps in the growth of your business by making it easy for the people to reach out to your business. Toll-Free numbers are very easy to remember, and they start from iconic digits 1800. The service subscriber has to pay nominal charges for the calls which are made by the customers to them while the calls are free for the customers. This helps a lot to increase the interaction between the clients and the business.

A company can improvise on the problem-solving and query solutions of the customers with the help of a toll-free number. The satisfaction level of customers is increased with this. With the help of a toll-free number, it becomes easy for the customers to ask questions and the people from all over the country can get in touch with you through a toll-free number.

There are various Toll-Free number providers in Delhi. Let us know more about it.

How to buy a Toll-Free Number in Delhi?

Every business needs a boost, and nothing can give a better boost and reach other than a Toll-Free Number. Let us know the process of purchasing a Toll-Free Number in Delhi.

The first method you can use to purchase a Toll-Free Number is from the Cloud Telephony Service Providers like PRP Services Pvt. Ltd., Knowlarity, Exotel, etc. Buying a Toll-Free Number in Delhi from PRP Services Pvt. Ltd. is the best option, and their services are the best in the entire market.

The other method is to purchase from Telecom Service Providers (TSP) like Idea, Vodafone, or BSNL. The best option is to purchase from a Cloud Telephony Services Provider like PRP Services Pvt. Ltd.

Why we would always prefer to buy a toll-free number from Cloud Telephony provider. The reason of buying a toll-free number from companies like PRP Services Pvt. Ltd. is, setup your Toll free completely (100%) free, they do not charge any kind of hidden cost for toll-free packages, generates your brand value and maintains online presence anytime and handle large volume of business call flow.

When to purchase a Toll-Free Number from Cloud Telephony Services?

You must opt for Cloud Telephony Services like PRP Services Pvt. Ltd if you find it difficult to set up your infrastructure. PRP Services Pvt. Ltd. will help you to do all the work. It might happen that the in-house IT team is incapable of handling the infrastructure. That's where you need PRP Services. It will manage the infrastructure, and there would be no need for you to worry about predicting the volume of your calls and also adjust according to the usage.

Features of Toll-Free Number Provider in Delhi

  • Real-time Reporting - The reports of the calls are maintained along with live status. There is a control panel to obtain detailed analysis of IVR.
  • Welcome Message - The clients will get a warm welcome through a welcome message that has a human touch. This provides a great experience to the clients.
  • Never Miss Any Call - You will be notified for all the calls which are missed by you. An email will be sent to you so that you do not miss any potential client.
  • Whitelist and Blacklist - The agents could get a better environment of work when the unnecessary callers are blocked. There is a special feature of filtration and blocking, which helps you to maintain a serious business image in the market.
  • Voice Mail Facility - The callers can send a voice mail by recording their questions and queries. The benefit of this feature is that the clients do not have to call again and again and also wait while your call is busy. This increases the efficiency of solving issues and even the customer satisfaction level.

Benefits of Toll-Free Number in Delhi

  • The customer retention rate is increased as they can call you anytime and from anywhere.
  • Small businesses do not need to switch to another number when they move to another location. Toll-Free number portability feature is available.
  • Businesses can keep track and analyze their marketing efforts.
  • Big presence for investors who are gaining.
  • Toll-Free Numbers are very easy to remember.
  • The reputation of the business is elevated.
  • The customers can call you from any location in the country.

There are several Toll-Free Number Providers in Delhi. PRP Services Pvt. Ltd. is the best Toll-Free number provider in Delhi. The Toll-Free Number Service in Delhi has been working very actively in Delhi, and the new businesses are also getting a toll-free number as soon as they are set-up to increase their reach.

Price of Toll-Free Number in Delhi

In Delhi, there are various packages made available to get a toll-free number. The Toll-Free Number price varies as per the package. There are packages developed according to 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year. The company could choose any package from it. The rates of the packages are affordable, and PRP Services Pvt. Ltd. provides the best Toll-Free Services in Delhi. A new startup company should opt for PRP Services Pvt. Ltd.

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