How Bulk SMS Marketing can Drive Your Political Campaign to Success?

By LeadAdmin | 04/09/2019 | SMS Marketing

India being the largest democracy in the world has rich diversity that makes it unique. While different people have different views about issues and life that sets them apart from each other, there is one thing ubiquitous among all – almost everyone in the country carries a cell phone.

Running election campaigns is no easy job for the political parties in India. To win the support of the majority, parties must have the right strategy to communicate with everyone and deliver their message. Every vote and opinion counts and enough of it can lead you that coveted position of success. While politics has forever got a bad rap in every country as well as in India, times are changing. More and more youth are aware and involved in politics and actively participate for their cause. With changes to the old political scenario, there also must be some change to the way political parties choose to communicate with their target masses.

Simply staging lectures and discussions on every neighborhood, is no longer enough to rally the largest democracy and inspire voters’ support. Political leaders need what has essentially been long used by corporates – branding and awareness generation. This can be done in many ways, but one of the fastest and definitely the most cost-effective way to convey your parties’ vision and agenda to the largest number of people without traveling long distances or spending huge sums of money is through bulk SMS services.

If they can work for small to large companies, then they can also work for political organizations and campaigns. With new interest and new thoughts in the political scenario in the country, people need newer forms of communication with their political leaders. SMS is personal, seemingly one-on-one with clear and simple messaging.

Often a single sentence can be powerful enough to bring about a revolution and change the tides of time. And the quickest way to deliver such strong messages to the larger population is through bulk SMS. This is especially effective to connect to the younger generation of voters who are tech-savvy and don’t find ample representation within the political climate.

Using Text Messages for Political Campaigns

Here are a few things bulk SMS marketing can help with for your political campaign:

  • Send important alerts and messages
  • Convey future strategies within crisp, clear thoughts
  • Rally people up for your agenda through communication
  • Notify party members and supporters of meetings
  • Send out reminders on voting day
  • Notify people of election happenings like rallies, gatherings, meetings
  • Fast announcements
  • Deliver your political message in the regional or local language to connect better

If you are still wondering if bulk SMS is right for your political campaign, here are the most proven advantages of using bulk SMS campaigns apart from the commonly known time and cost-saving factors.

SMS Adds a Personal Touch

SMS messages reach every voter individually, which is almost as good as one-to-one communication. Your political message gets delivered right into the mobile inbox that is with your readers at all times. Moreover, SMS messages are short, concise, and informal thus, adding a personal touch to the communication. This helps readers connect with the sender and be more receptive to their political agenda.

Highest response rate

It has been proven over and over again that bulk SMS marketing surpasses penetration and open rates more than any other form of marketing communication. It is faster and much more effective than emails and has an open rate of 98 percent and that too within 5 minutes of receiving the message.

Low cost yet high returns

Other forms of promotion like newspaper ads, banners, hoardings, and television ads work, but they are much more expensive in comparison to bulk SMS services. One can conduct an SMS campaign for a fraction of the cost needed for the other promotional channels for a much greater, lasting return through awareness, message delivery and farthest reach.

The benefits of bulk SMS marketing has been proven time and again in corporate as well as in political context and many parties have earlier used this tool for success.