Discover 6 Reasons Why Businesses Prefer Missed Call Solutions

By Rishi | 19/02/2020 | Missed Call Solutions

A brand's success has a lot to do with your communication with your customers. If your customers call you, and your employees are busy - then no one calls them back, you lose a huge opportunity of making a sale or a new client. This also works for those operating globally and may have customers from other time zones calling in when there is no one to answer.

This is where the missed call alert service comes in. 

Here is what a missed call alert service can do for your business.

1. Missed Call Can be used for Voting 

People hate all the lengthy work they have to go through to vote in a campaign. The lengthy campaign participation requirements are a huge turn off to the voters. Yet, you can get your customers to easily contribute to a Yes/No campaign through a missed called service.

This is by requesting them to leave a missed call on a certain number if they agree or not agree.

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You can then use the data (number of missed calls) to implement policies that interest your customers.

2. Registering and Subscribing

Instead of having lengthy registration or subscription processes, you may consider using a missed called service alert.

A current study shows that there are currently 976 million mobile subscribers, and that number is growing rapidly.

Sounds good, right?

And that's not the best part yet.

The subscription rate is TEN TIMES with the missed call alert service.

There are many ways to approach this. For example, you can tell your potential customers to leave a missed call, where they'll later be contacted to go through the registration or subscription process.

By doing so, you avoid dropouts.

3. Verifying Customers to Save Business Costs

Having a huge customer base won't help. You need to identify your "quality" customers. This allows you to focus more on their needs, as that's where your revenue comes from. Therefore, verification is required whether you're running an online or offline business. Using the missed called verification process, you can know what customers are actively engaging with your brand.

Verification also helps if you offer cash on delivery services. If a customer enters the wrong data in the delivery form, sending the package can incur a huge loss for your business. Asking customers to verify their identity and details through a missed call can help decrease delay and save money for your business.

4. Opt-in / Opt-Out

Overwhelming customers with your content if they're no longer interested in wastage of resources. 

You also lose a chance of them coming back to you as they may opt to block your number or content.

To avoid this, you can ask your customers to use your missed call service to be unsubscribed or again subscribed.

5. Flexibility

India's telecom subscribers hit 1.8 million in 2017. This includes landline users as well. Luckily for you, a missed call solution can cater to both mobile and landline users, leaving no market untapped.

The service is especially helpful to customers in remote areas or has little to no knowledge of tech issues. They can use the service to show their interests, from where your team can call and follow up on what they need.

By integrating your missed called service with CRM, you can have all your missed call data, and you can even use it later to inform your customers on promotions.

6. Cost-Effective for Customers

Missed call service is free for the customers, unlike SMS based and internet-based campaigns. And yet nothing is as efficient as missed call solution for enterprises. 

Since the customer doesn't have to incur any cost, they can easily approach you anytime they have issues.

This boosts your brand engagement that eventually leads to more sales.

Still Not Convinced Why Your Business Need a Missed Call Solution?

As a business owner, you want to stay on top trends of every marketing strategy to compete favorably. 

Well, a missed call solution is one of these trends that you've got to honor in India, or your competitors will take your share of the pie in your industry.

Customers want to freely engage with your brand at zero costs, in the easiest way possible, which is what a missed call service does. 

If you're still torn between whether the service will assist your business or not, visit our blog for more information or contact us for free missed call demo.