Toll-Free Numbers VS IVR Solutions - Which is Right for Your Business?

By vinay | 25/01/2023 | Toll Free Service

In today's fast-paced business world, having a reliable phone system is crucial for staying connected with customers. One of the most common business options is to provide a toll-free number. An increasing number of companies are turning to IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solutions to manage customer calls. What is the difference between these two options, and which one is right for your business?

What are Toll-Free Numbers?
Toll-free numbers, also known as 1800 numbers or freephone numbers, are telephone numbers that begin with one of the toll-free codes (such as 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, or 833). These numbers are free to call for the person calling, as the cost of the call is paid for by the business or organization that owns the number. The use of toll-free numbers is intended to increase the likelihood that a customer will call a business, as they do not need to pay for the call. They are often used by businesses and organizations to provide customer service, sales, and technical support.

What are IVR Numbers?
IVR (Interactive Voice Response) numbers are phone numbers that are connected to an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system. IVR systems are computer-based systems that use voice prompts to guide callers through a series of menu options. IVR systems can be used to route calls to the appropriate department, provide information on products or services, or even take payments. IVR systems are also known as "phone trees" or "voice menus" and can be used by businesses and organizations to manage a high volume of calls, as they can handle multiple calls at once, and callers can get the information they need without having to speak to a live person.

Toll-Free Number Solution VS IVR Calling Solutions
One of the major advantages of IVR solutions is the ability to handle a high volume of calls, making them an ideal solution for call centers. With an IVR system, callers can be quickly routed to the appropriate department, reducing wait times and increasing efficiency. Furthermore, IVR solutions for healthcare can help streamline patient communication and appointment scheduling. And for small businesses, an IVR solution can provide an efficient and cost-effective way to manage calls, without the need for a large customer service team.

While Toll-free numbers are a great option for businesses that want to make it easy and affordable for customers to call them, they don't offer the same level of efficiency and flexibility as an IVR system. With a toll-free number, all calls must be answered by a live person, which can lead to longer wait times and higher costs.

In conclusion, both Toll-free numbers and IVR solutions have their own advantages and disadvantages. A toll-free number is a great option for businesses that want to make it easy and affordable for customers to call them, while an IVR system is a great option for businesses that want to manage a high volume of calls and provide customers with a variety of self-service options. It's important to weigh the pros and cons of each option and determine which one will best serve your business and customers. An IVR service provider can help you customize an IVR solution that fits your specific needs and goals.

We hope this article helped clarify the differences between toll-free and IVR solutions. PRP Services offers enterprise-grade toll-free solutions and IVR numbers. As one of the leading call-center solution providers, PRP Services offers high-quality toll-free services and IVR numbers at an affordable price.

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How to generate leads in Real Estate with communication platforms?

By vinay | 17/01/2023 | Startup Programs

Generating leads in the real estate industry is a crucial task for any business, but it can be challenging to convert leads into clients. With the right tools and strategies, however, real estate professionals can reach a wider audience and convert more leads into clients. In this blog post, we will explore how to generate leads in real estate using IVR System, bulk SMS, and WhatsApp Business API services, and how to manage those leads in a lead management system.

Generating Leads with IVR Services
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems are a powerful tool for generating leads in the real estate industry. By using IVR, real estate professionals can improve communication with potential clients and streamline the lead generation process.
One of the most important features of IVR systems is the ability to route calls to the appropriate agent or department based on the caller's input. For example, if a caller is looking for a property in a specific area, they can be directed to an agent who specializes in that area. This not only improves the caller's experience but also ensures that they are speaking with the right person who can best assist them.

Another great feature of IVR systems is the ability to set up automated responses to common questions. For example, you can set up an automated response that provides information about available properties, or directions to your office. This not only saves time for your agents but also provides callers with the information they need, even when your office is closed.

Generating Leads with Bulk SMS Services
Bulk SMS is another powerful tool for generating leads in the real estate industry. SMS messages have a high open rate, which means that they are more likely to be read and acted upon than emails.
You can use bulk SMS to send property updates, new listings, and special promotions to potential clients. You can also use bulk SMS to send appointment reminders and confirmations, which can help to reduce no-shows.

Generating Leads with WhatsApp Business API
WhatsApp Business API is a powerful tool for generating leads in the real estate industry. WhatsApp has over 2 billion monthly active users, and it is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world.
You can use WhatsApp Business API to communicate with potential clients in real time, and you can also use it to send automated messages, such as property updates and new listings. WhatsApp Business API also allows you to set up automated responses to common questions, which can save time for your agents and provide callers with the information they need.

Managing Leads with a Lead Management System
Once you have generated leads using IVR, bulk SMS, and WhatsApp Business API, it's important to manage those leads in a lead management system. A lead management system allows you to keep track of all your leads in one place, making it easy to follow up with leads, track their status, and make sure no lead falls through the cracks.
You can use a lead management system to segment leads based on their location, property type, or budget. This helps you to target your marketing efforts more effectively. You can also use a lead management system to track the progress of your leads and to identify which leads are most likely to convert into clients.

How are PRP Services helping the Real Estate Industry?
Promote your business online and offline with marketing campaigns linked to published business numbers across multiple channels. Utilize PRP's cloud communication platform to identify and engage with quality leads.

Use our PRP Services CPaaS Platform in your Company. 

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Improve customer experience in banks using communication platforms

By vinay | 12/01/2023 | Startup Programs

There are many ways to improve customer experience in a bank, most banks use Bulk SMS service, WhatsApp Business API, IVR, and Chatbot services to enhance customer experience. 

  1. Account activity alerts: Banks can use bulk SMS services and Whatsapp business API to send customers alerts about account activity, such as low balance notifications, account deposits/withdrawals, and large transactions. This can help customers stay informed about their account activity and prevent fraud.
  2. Promotions and offers: Banks can also use bulk SMS or WhatsApp Marketing services to send customers promotional offers and discounts, this can be used to promote new products and services, or to incentivize customers to use existing services.
  3. Live Chat On WhatsApp Chatbot: Banks can offer a live chat feature on their websites, allowing customers to communicate with customer service representatives in real-time. This can be especially useful for answering quick questions or resolving simple issues.
  4. Payment reminders: Banks can use bulk SMS services or WhatsApp Services to send customers payment reminders, this can help customers to stay on top of their finances and avoid late fees or missed payments.
  5. Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Banks can use IVR to provide customers with automated assistance, such as account balance inquiries, and self-service options, such as bill payments and account transfers. This can help to reduce wait times for customers and improve the overall customer experience.
  6. Two-factor Authentication: Banks can use SMS, WhatsApp Business API, and Voice Call Services as a channel to send a One-time-password (OTP) to customers while they are accessing their accounts, this adds an extra layer of security
  7. Automatic Call Distribution (ACD): Banks can use the IVR system to route incoming calls to the most appropriate customer service representative based on factors such as skillset, language, and availability. This can help to ensure that customers are connected with the right person quickly and efficiently.

Overall, Communication platforms like Bulk SMS, WhatsApp Business API, Voice Call Service, IVR, and Chatbot services can help banks to improve customer communication by providing a convenient and efficient way to send customers important information, reminders, and alerts about their accounts.

How is PRP helping the Banking & Financial Services Industry?

Banking, financial services, investments, and collection agencies can integrate PRP’s cloud-based voice, messaging, video, AI-enabled speech analytics, and ChatBot/VoiceBot solutions for customer-oriented services. Integrate a unified communication platform that offers multi-channel interactions.


Use our PRP Services CPaaS Platform in your Company. 

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The Complete Guide to CPaaS, UCaaS and Communication Platform as a Service

By vinay | 11/01/2023 | Sales Automation Software

Introduction: What is CPaaS and UCaaS?

If you’re not in the tech industry, the terms “CPaaS” and “UCaaS” probably sound like gibberish. But if you are in the tech industry, then you know that these two terms are revolutionizing the way we communicate.

CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) and UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) are cloud-based platforms that allow businesses to build, deploy, and manage their communication and collaboration solutions. There are many CPaaS Companies in India and PRP Services is one of it. These platforms offer a wide range of features and services, such as VoIP, video conferencing, instant messaging, and more.

CPaaS and UCaaS are changing the way businesses communicate, and they are here to stay. In this article, we will give you an overview of what CPaaS and UCaaS are and how they are changing the landscape of business communication.

What are the Benefits of Using CPaaS or UCaaS?

There are many benefits of using CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) or UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service). By using these services, businesses can save money, improve efficiency, and scale more easily.

CPaaS and UCaaS can help businesses save money by reducing the need for on-premise equipment and infrastructure. They can also help businesses improve efficiency by consolidating multiple communication tools into one easy-to-use platform. And finally, CPaaS and UCaaS can help businesses scale more easily by allowing them to add or remove users as needed.

Overall, CPaaS and UCaaS offer a number of advantages and benefits of CPaaS and UCaaS for businesses of all sizes. If you're looking for a way to improve your communication system, CPaaS or UCaaS may be the right solution for

How Communication Platforms can Help with 5 Amazing Use Cases?

Communication platforms as a service are a new way of communication. They have been introduced in recent years, but have not been fully utilized or explored. There are many benefits to using a communication platform as a Service, CPaaS and UCaaS, and it is worth exploring what they have to offer, including 5 amazing use cases.

Use case 1: Instant translation

Communication platforms can be used for instant translation between different languages. Translators at the company can work on translating content in real time so that the customer can read it in their language with no wait time.

Use case 2: Collaborative call center

A company has many different locations, but only one call center. The employees at each location who need to talk with customers can use a communication platform as a service to connect with the customer and collaborate with other employees at the same location on best customer practices while on a call.

Use case 3: Shared meeting room

Sharing meeting rooms is a common practice among companies and it is often difficult when large conferences are taking place because some of the Companies provide only few

 Use case 4: Enabling Multi Channel Delivery

Client communication operation enables marketing brigades to configure, validate, and shoot contextual dispatches offers to guests through their preferred medium, adding offer effectiveness. It can be print, digital, social, or a blend of all.

Use case 5: Personalizing Customer Experience

CCM helps you to deliver substantiated communication to each client on time, every time, with thickness and standardization through their preferred channel. You can add a particular touch to each communication by arranging variable data and information in structured templates in the client’s favored language. Drink accouterments , negotiated insurance programs, prayers, and grievances communication are some of its stylish exemplifications. transferring-cards on birthdays and anniversaries improves your client engagement.

Conclusion: Start Using Communication Platforms As A Service To Improve Your Team's Collaboration And Productivity

Communication is the key to a successful and productive working experience. Teams who share a smooth and effective communication experience are generally more efficient, better at solving problems, have higher morale, and are more likely to improve their team’s performance.

The most common form of communication is email. This tool is easily accessible from any location and with any device. But as we all know, it also has its limitations: email can be slow, it doesn't offer real-time collaboration capabilities, and it may not be best suited for sending multimedia content like videos or presentations. For these reasons, other platforms have emerged that can help teams work together without these limitations.

Cloud communications services - CPaaS (communication platforms as a service) offer enterprise-grade features that can help teams collaborate better than ever before by providing features such as real-time communication platforms with video conferencing capabilities and file-sharing systems that allow team members to share information in a seamless way.

Use our PRP Services CPaaS Platform in your Company. 

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How to improve hospital patient experience with Cloud telephony services?

By vinay | 11/01/2023 | Cloud Telephony

Cloud telephony services in healthcare refer to a range of communication solutions that use cloud-based technology to improve communication between patients and healthcare providers. These services can include features such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, automated call routing, and virtual consultations through telephone.

Cloud telephony services can be used in several ways to improve the patient experience in a hospital setting:

  1. Automated call routing: Cloud telephony services can help manage high call volume by providing automated call routing. Callers can be directed to the appropriate department or provider based on their needs, which can reduce the burden on live operators and ensure that calls are handled efficiently.

  2. Appointment scheduling: Patients can use cloud telephony services to schedule appointments with their healthcare providers, which can reduce wait times and provide them with more control over when they receive care.

  3. IVR system: Cloud telephony services can provide an IVR system for patients, allowing them to access information, schedule appointments, and even receive care through self-service options which can improve patient satisfaction by providing more transparency and control over their care.

  4. Multi-Language Support: Cloud telephony services can provide support for multiple languages, which is important for a multicultural hospital setting, to ensure that all patients can understand the options and select their preferred language for more accurate and efficient communication.

  5. Remote Care: Cloud telephony services can be used to connect patients and healthcare providers remotely through telephone which can improve access to care and can be particularly useful for patients in remote or underserved areas.

  6. Text messaging and WhatsApp chatbot services: Cloud telephony services can also include bulk SMS  and WhatsApp Business Chatbot services that can help to improve communication with patients, especially for those who prefer not to speak on the phone or who have hearing or speech difficulties.

  7. Reporting and Analytics: Cloud telephony services can provide reporting and analytics on call volume, wait times, and patient interactions, which can help the hospital identify areas for improvement and make changes to enhance the patient experience.

How is PRP Services helping the healthcare industry?
Improve patient engagement by offering instant voice, messaging, and chatbot services through PRP's cloud communication platform. Reduce customer wait times through highly personalized and secure channels of communication.

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How PRP Services helps the logistics industry stay connected to its customers while maintaining privacy and offering better communication?

By vinay | 09/01/2023 | Startup Programs

How PRP Services help the logistics industry stay connected to its customers while maintaining the privacy and offering better communication?

PRP Services provides many communication channels in which logistics companies can connect their delivery agents and customers while maintaining the privacy and offering superior communication:

  1. Use of PRP’s IVR (interactive voice response) systems: IVR systems can automate routine tasks, improve call efficiency, and enhance communication between delivery agents and customers.
  2. Use of PRP’s contact service centers: Many logistics companies have contact centers that allow customers to speak with a representative over the phone or via PRP’s WhatsApp chatbot. These centers can address customer concerns and resolve issues while maintaining the privacy of both delivery agents and customers.
  3. Use of PRP’s WhatsApp Services and PRP’s Bulk SMS: WhatsApp and SMS can be used to communicate with customers and provide updates on delivery status. These communication channels can be used to protect the privacy of both delivery agents and customers.
  4. Use of PRP’s LMS (Logistic Management Software): Many logistics companies offer LMS where customers can track deliveries, request changes to delivery instructions, and communicate with delivery agents. These portals can be accessed securely through a web browser, allowing customers to communicate with the company without revealing their personal information.
  5. Use of app-based communication: Some logistics companies offer mobile apps that allow customers to track deliveries and communicate with delivery agents. These apps can be used to send messages or make phone calls and can be configured to protect the privacy of both delivery agents and customers.

Why PRP Services?

Our robust solutions make it easy to engage with customers on their preferred channel, offering them a personalized experience.

Multi-channel Platform
An all-in-one communication platform.
Secure & Reliable
Business security that meets enterprise standards
Cloud-based custom solutions that are quick to deploy
CRM Integration
Provides integration with all major CRM systems
Take your business to the next level with a smart technology platform without any limitations
24x7 Support
To better serve businesses, we are always available 24x7

Use our PRP Services CPaaS Platform in your Company. 

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What Is A Toll Free Number and its benefits in business?

By vinay | 18/10/2022 | Toll Free Service

Having a toll-free number is a great way to market your business. Toll-free numbers are available from telephone operators and virtual phone providers, but they are expensive to set up. You have to pay a monthly fee, the cost of the number, and any applicable taxes. In addition, you may need to lease or buy hardware such as a voice response system (VRS).

Unless you have serious money to spend on marketing, it’s not worth the expense. If you’re still interested in getting a toll-free number provider, here’s what you need to know: 

  1. You have to search for a Toll-free number service provider.
  2. Check the Toll-Free number price of that Toll-Free Number Service Provider
  3. Check what are the services 

Why Are Toll-Free Numbers Important?

Toll-free numbers are important for many reasons. The main reason for the importance of toll-free numbers is that it allows customers to call your business and talk to a live person. This is especially important for businesses that deal with sensitive issues or products.

Toll free numbers also provide an additional way for people to reach out to businesses, which can be very beneficial in today's world where people are constantly on their phones and computers.

Another reason why toll-free numbers are important is that they give you more time to focus on other aspects of your business without having to worry about receiving calls from customers who do not have access to a phone line or internet connection.

How to Get a Toll-Free Number?

As you know, Toll-Free Numbers are a great way to connect with customers and potential clients. They allow you to reach people all over the world, so it's easy for them to find your business.

If you're looking for a Toll-Free Number, here are some tips that can help:

1.Make sure your company is ready for the call volume that will come from having a Toll-Free Number.

2.Be sure that your phone system is configured correctly—you don't want to miss anyone calling in!

3.Make sure you have an answering machine or voicemail messages recorded that will tell people how they can get in touch with your company if they need more information or want to schedule an appointment with you or one of your representatives (like an agent).

The Drawback of Having a Toll-Free Number

  1. A toll-free number is not as easy to remember or type in as a regular phone number. This can be frustrating for customers who have trouble remembering numbers, such as senior citizens.
  2. Toll-free numbers are often associated with sales calls, which may bother customers who want to avoid these types of calls.
  3. Toll-free numbers do not usually carry the same level of prestige as a regular phone number; they may not be listed in the Yellow Pages or publicized very much on websites that list phone numbers and contact information for businesses, making them less likely to be used by established businesses or famous people.

The Bottom Line

In Conclusion, Toll-free numbers are important because they offer a number that is free of charge. This can be beneficial to businesses and individuals who want to reach customers without having to worry about the cost of calling them. Toll-free numbers are also important because they allow companies to provide information about their products or services without committing them to a long-term contract with the customer.

Use our PRP Services CPaaS Platform in your Company. 

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Why is a Sales Automation Tool must have for your business?

By Vishesh Talwar | 29/05/2021 | Sales Automation Software

Sales automation may be the answer to all your selling queries. As you must have seen that there are many tasks that are repeated day-to-day inside your business interaction, yet you realize you need to do them to keep sales process ongoing.

These tasks takes a long time and decreases the efficiency of sales representatives who need to work on them. Unlike, the tasks which needs follow-ups, some of the tasks don’t even need any human interference.

Most business must have faced these certain problems:

  • Have lost a maturing lead because you forgot to follow up?
  • Have wasted a long time on a lead which was not important at all?
  • Have wasted many days keeping the records of Leads manually all in one place?
  • Have worked on leads in a date wise series instead of firstly working on the most interested Leads?
  • Have wasted hours finding out the much needed documentation for sending out to your Potential Leads?
  • Have wasted time to figure out from where the most important Leads come from?
  • Have taken much time to write a Template manually for sending to your Leads?

If any of the issues relates you, you don’t need to work any more with our tool.

Here’s how our Sales Automation System can help you grow:

Sales Automation leads can be categorized as qualified, interested or contacted based on how far they are in the sales pipeline. With our tool you can automatically schedule tasks and events like sales meetings, follow-up messages, and emails. It can likewise follow a sales representative day to day plans and exercises and set updates and alerts for follow up on their responsibilities. Hence, it increases reach to the potential customers.

At the point when you are able to understand the leads interest and behavior, It gets simpler to take follow-up in the correct manner, without annoying them. For this our tool tells you which lead to follow and when to follow. You can even figure out their next course of action and show them solutions to problems they were just on the edge of finding. With customer support like that - taking care of issues before they happen - you are on the correct way to expand your deals.

Key Offerings:

  • Recognize excellence leads from a puddle of incoming leads
  • Smart Routing
  • Measure ROI from your online promotion
  • Scheduling Lead Activities
  • Integration with other systems
  • Nourish assuring leads into conversion
  • Engage with leads near beyond various touchpoints
  • Ability To Work Offline
  • Examine and trace essential information about leads
  • Automated Integrated Marketing

A Sales Automation Tool assists you with Tracking lead activities, distinguish leads, qualify them, and sustain them into clients. A Sales Automation Tool makes it simpler for you to push qualified leads down the sales pipeline and interact with them in more personalized way.

Want to experience the best Sales Automation Tool? Minimize lead leakage, manage leads, and nurture leads with us.

Click here to take a demo for the most effective Tool to drive more Growth.

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6 Tips to Use SMS Marketing for Cyber Monday Success in 2020

By Rishi | 19/12/2020 | Cyber Monday Tips

The biggest retail festival is upon us and every business is rolling up their sleeves to make Cyber Monday a success. While mostly known for its American roots, Cyber Monday is catching up in other countries too, like the UK. As per reports, the UK spent £8 Billion last year on Cyber Monday 4-day weekend.

Many marketers attribute this growth of the biggest shopping extravaganza to the popularity of mobile phones. The mobile has been touring over desktop when it comes to traffic to business sites from mobile devices. Even 2 years ago in 2017, Black Friday deals enjoyed 66% traffic from mobile devices to the websites. This year international marketers are preparing to spend more with a projection of £10 Billion, in the UK itself.

Make the most of mobile devices

SMS messages though believed to be out of fashion are still effective when it comes to business messages and notifications. They have an open rate of 90 - 98 percent and usually are read within the first 3 minutes of the message arriving. So, letting customers know about special Cyber Monday sales through mobile marketing becomes imperative in 2019. If you want your users to browse your deals and cart items during the Cyber Monday sale, it's essential to send a text message with the link to the URL. SMS has a click-through rate of 19% while its counterpart email 4.2%.

Here’s how SMS can accelerate Cyber Monday retail and e-commerce business:

1. Re-targeting abandons

Basket abandon rates often go as high as 79 percent during the festive season. Businesses can re-target such users with a persuasive text message to give them the necessary push to convert, by picking up where they left off. Such convenience of text communication encourages conversions while also keeping user experience high. 

2. Stock availability alerts

Let customers know when the items they wish to buy or had set to be notified is up on the shelves again. Spreading the buzz on low stock or new stock arrivals can increase traffic and footfall into sites and stores by manifolds, due to the sense of urgency it creates.

3. Notify deals on wish-list items

Much like stock notifications, deals on items in users’ wish-list can help nudge them to cart and transact in the site. These are more personalized and have higher chances of conversion and also add to the user experience.

4. Early-birds and opt-ins

Let the big-spending locals know about the Cyber Monday deals early on. Provide them with special offers like exclusive opt-ins and deals or pre-sales deals. Use keywords or shortcodes via SMS and incentivize shopping in-stores.

5. Discount codes and SMS vouchers

Increase sales through sales promotions the tried-and-tested way with special discount codes to drive additional sales and increase traffic and footfall.

6. Delivery updates

Keep customers updated with their order shipping and delivery details, add additional information like delivery agents’ contact and other convenient features to make shopping a good experience.

Make the most of Cyber Monday with the improved customer experience and multichannel communication, leveraging SMS marketing with us. For information on Cyber Monday and Cyber Monday promotions follow this space!

Start your Cyber Monday SMS Marketing now

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Why is An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) System Must Have for Small Businesses?

By Rajneesh | 30/03/2020 | IVR System

Before we begin with answering the question on the importance of IVR for any business, we must first understand what is an IVR system?

Simply put, an IVR system which is Interactive Voice Response system is a type of software essential for call centre operations. It has features that facilitate self-service, call segmentation and routing. This is when the callers can themselves make choices on which department or agent they want to talk to, either through voice commands or typed commands entered through their phone keypads.  

IVRs are a well-known tool also known amongst different consumers who sometimes may think of them as the standard initial language selection prompt, like "Press 1 for English, Press 2 for Hind…" and so on, while still being unaware of what the acronym stands for. 

However, while IVRs are a familiar concept to people, but it is usually from a consumers' point of view who may not understand the business nuances and benefits from this software. 

How do IVRs work?

The IVR systems' first job is to greet the callers and then assist them in reaching the point of contact within the company, i.e. the agent or resource dedicated to their specific needs. The software does this smartly by responding to the inputs given by the callers, which are either through the phone keypad or through voice commands. While the callers do not do much but select options from menu items, the software uses skill-based routing to winnow down to who or what the best end goal will be for the caller in particular.

The main aim of a smart IVR system is to ensure that the callers are routed correctly for prompt resolution of their needs and queries within the company. 

What is a multi-level IVR?

With a multi-level IVR, a caller can input numerous stages of instructions in various menus to be routed to a specific end goal. For instance, English > Billing > App development > Android and so on and so forth. While a simplistic IVR system usually allows only one initial option or two a complex multi-level IVR would offer various levels to the callers to have their calls routed accurately in a large organization with many departments and verticals. 

While a simple IVR is usually easier for the callers to go through, they do not often do the job of sorting customers, rightly. However, if a less specialized agent in that particular field of work handles a call, the chances of resolution will be minimized and the chances of escalating the call to higher authorities will increase. 

What features should the IVR System offer?

IVR systems form an elemental component of call centre software solutions, hence there are a few features that one must seek from the software:

1. Skills-based routing

This feature allows managers to segment callers in different categories, and based on their inputs they are matched with the right kind of agent group who possess the right skills for handling queries. 

2. Ring groups

Ring groups are simply the buckets or categories of agents suited to specific needs. A good example of a ring group is 'Billing'. Skill-based routing routes calls to ring groups. 

3. Call queues

Call queues are just lines in a way that callers are placed in after they have been routed by the IVR. A call queue lines up the callers with similar queries to a specific ring group, for instance, this could be the 'billing' department. 

4. Queue callback

Queue callback is a smart IVR option that enables callers to hang up the phone, while still retaining their spot in the call queue. This is particularly useful when the call queue is long and does not anger the customers.

5. Intelligent reconnect

Intelligent reconnect is a pioneering feature that automatically directs customers who were accidentally disconnected, directly to the representative who fielded their initial call, thereby allowing the callers to skip the IVR and have a more seamless experience. 

6. Automatic call distributor (ACD)

This feature works in IVRs in association with CTIs to allow for a seamless routing of calls. 

Why you must have an IVR system for your business?

With their abundance and frequent use and numerous advantages, IVRs have become a hallmark for enterprise businesses. Companies or calling departments that lack the feature are often judged to be less professional or lack in the organization than those who have an IVR system incorporated in their operations. Needless to be mentioned, an IVR system is optimal for the seamless operation as it offers a plethora of advantages and offers unmatched simplicity to call centre KPIs.

This can be hard if you're hearing the term for the first time. Our blog has more information on all the above solutions, and if you're not a vivid reader, worry not, you can request a free demo with us.

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