Why is An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) System Must Have for Small Businesses?

By Rajneesh | 30/03/2020 | IVR System

Before we begin with answering the question on the importance of IVR for any business, we must first understand what is an IVR system?

Simply put, an IVR system which is Interactive Voice Response system is a type of software essential for call centre operations. It has features that facilitate self-service, call segmentation and routing. This is when the callers can themselves make choices on which department or agent they want to talk to, either through voice commands or typed commands entered through their phone keypads.  

IVRs are an well-known tool also known amongst different consumers who sometimes may think of them as the standard initial language selection prompt, like "Press 1 for English, Press 2 for Hind…" and so on, while still being unaware of what the acronym stands for. 

However, while IVRs are a familiar concept to people, but it is usually from a consumers' point of view who may not understand the business nuances and benefits from this software. 

How do IVRs work?

The IVR systems' first job is to greet the callers and then assist them in reaching the point of contact within the company, i.e. the agent or resource dedicated for their specific needs. The software does this smartly by responding to the inputs given by the callers, which are either through the phone keypad or through voice commands. While the callers do not do much but select options from menu items, the software uses skill-based routing to winnow down to who or what the best end goal will be for the caller in particular.

The main aim of a smart IVR system is to ensure that the callers are routed correctly for prompt resolution of their needs and queries within the company. 

What is a multi-level IVR?

With a multi-level IVR a caller can input numerous stages of instructions in various menus to be routed to a specific end goal. For instance, English > Billing > App development > Android and so on and so forth. While a simplistic IVR system usually allow only one initial option or two a complex multi-level IVR would offer various levels to the callers to have their calls routed accurately in a large organization with many departments and verticals. 

While a simple IVR is usually easier for the callers to go through, they do not often do the job of sorting customers, rightly. However, if a less specialized agent in that particular field of work handles a call, the chances of resolution will be minimized and the chances of escalating the call to higher authorities will increase. 

What features should the IVR System offer?

IVR systems form an elemental component of call centre software solutions, hence there are a few features that one must seek from the software:

1. Skills-based routing

This feature allows managers to segment callers in different categories, and based on their inputs they are matched with the right kind of agent group who possess the right skills for handling queries. 

2. Ring groups

Ring groups are simply the buckets or categories of agents suited to specific needs. An good example of a ring group is 'Billing'. Skill-based routing routes calls to ring groups. 

3. Call queues

Call queues are just lines in a way that callers are placed in after they have been routed by the IVR. A call queue lines up the callers with similar queries to a specific ring group, for instance this could be the 'billing' department. 

4. Queue callback

Queue callback is a smart IVR option that enables callers to hang up the phone, while still retaining their spot in the call queue. This is particularly useful when the call queue is long and does not anger the customers.

5. Intelligent reconnect

Intelligent reconnect is a pioneering feature that automatically directs customers who were accidentally disconnected, directly to the representative who fielded their initial call, thereby allowing the callers to skip the IVR and have a more seamless experience. 

6. Automatic call distributor (ACD)

This feature works in IVRs in association with CTIs to allow for a seamless routing of calls. 

Why you must have an IVR system for your business?

With their abundance and frequent use and numerous advantages, IVRs have become a hallmark for enterprise businesses. Companies or calling departments that lack the feature are often judged to be less professional or lack in organization than those who have an IVR system incorporated in their operations. Needless to be mentioned, an IVR system is optimal for the seamless operation as it offers a plethora of advantages and offers unmatched simplicity to call centre KPIs.

This can be hard if you're hearing the term for the first time. Our blog has more information on all the above solutions, and if you're not a vivid reader, worry not, you can request a free demo with us.

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Discover 6 Reasons Why Businesses Prefer Missed Call Solutions

By Rishi | 19/02/2020 | Missed Call Solutions

A brand's success has a lot to do with your communication with your customers. If your customers call you, and your employees are busy - then no one calls them back, you lose a huge opportunity of making a sale or a new client. This also works for those operating globally and may have customers from other time zones calling in when there is no one to answer.

This is where the missed call alert service comes in. 

Here is what a missed call alert service can do for your business.

1. Missed Call Can be used for Voting 

People hate all the lengthy work they have to go through to vote in a campaign. The lengthy campaign participation requirements are a huge turn off to the voters. Yet, you can get your customers to easily contribute to a Yes/No campaign through a missed called service.

This is by requesting them to leave a missed call on a certain number if they agree or not agree.

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You can then use the data (number of missed calls) to implement policies that interest your customers.

2. Registering and Subscribing

Instead of having lengthy registration or subscription processes, you may consider using a missed called service alert.

A current study shows that there are currently 976 million mobile subscribers, and that number is growing rapidly.

Sounds good, right?

And that's not the best part yet.

The subscription rate is TEN TIMES with the missed call alert service.

There are many ways to approach this. For example, you can tell your potential customers to leave a missed call, where they'll later be contacted to go through the registration or subscription process.

By doing so, you avoid dropouts.

3. Verifying Customers to Save Business Costs

Having a huge customer base won't help. You need to identify your "quality" customers. This allows you to focus more on their needs, as that's where your revenue comes from. Therefore, verification is required whether you're running an online or offline business. Using the missed called verification process, you can know what customers are actively engaging with your brand.

Verification also helps if you offer cash on delivery services. If a customer enters the wrong data in the delivery form, sending the package can incur a huge loss for your business. Asking customers to verify their identity and details through a missed call can help decrease delay and save money for your business.

4. Opt-in / Opt-Out

Overwhelming customers with your content if they're no longer interested in wastage of resources. 

You also lose a chance of them coming back to you as they may opt to block your number or content.

To avoid this, you can ask your customers to use your missed call service to be unsubscribed or again subscribed.

5. Flexibility

India's telecom subscribers hit 1.8 million in 2017. This includes landline users as well. Luckily for you, a missed call solution can cater to both mobile and landline users, leaving no market untapped.

The service is especially helpful to customers in remote areas or has little to no knowledge of tech issues. They can use the service to show their interests, from where your team can call and follow up on what they need.

By integrating your missed called service with CRM, you can have all your missed call data, and you can even use it later to inform your customers on promotions.

6. Cost-Effective for Customers

Missed call service is free for the customers, unlike SMS based and internet-based campaigns. And yet nothing is as efficient as missed call solution for enterprises. 

Since the customer doesn't have to incur any cost, they can easily approach you anytime they have issues.

This boosts your brand engagement that eventually leads to more sales.

Still Not Convinced Why Your Business Need a Missed Call Solution?

As a business owner, you want to stay on top trends of every marketing strategy to compete favorably. 

Well, a missed call solution is one of these trends that you've got to honor in India, or your competitors will take your share of the pie in your industry.

Customers want to freely engage with your brand at zero costs, in the easiest way possible, which is what a missed call service does. 

If you're still torn between whether the service will assist your business or not, visit our blog for more information or contact us for free missed call demo.

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Discover Why SMS Marketing is the New Trend for Non-Profits Organization in 2020

By Rishi | 03/02/2020 | SMS Marketing

Communication is a major part of managing a non-profit organization.;

Whether your focus is on healthcare, environmental conversation, or education, engaging with your supporters is a priority.

Many nonprofits are using SMS marketing to spread their message in this digital era. Luckily, it’s proved to be very effective.

If you are running a non-profit and you haven't given text message marketing a shot, read on to see what you are missing out on!

Why Choose Text Message Marketing?

You can easily send personalized messages to a large group of people. This will obviously be very expensive and time-consuming if you’ll still hanging on to the traditional messaging system. Text messaging applications are evolving, with more features being added every day.;

Nonprofits are taking advantage of this to maximize gains with minimal efforts using browser-based texting analytics.

Another advantage of using text message is regardless of how you phrase your content; the recipient is likely to read your text.

How Can You Use SMS Marketing in Your Organization?

There are three main ways that you can use SMS marketing in your non-profit organization:

  • Broadcast messaging: Reaching a group of people with ONE click.
  • Text message sign-ups: Encouraging people to opt-in a campaign by texting a fixed code ( such as type YES or 123)
  • Peer to peer texting: This is one-to-one texting to build relations.

Text messages are very effective for recruiting volunteers and mobilizing campaign supporters for non-profit organizations.

Let’s discuss how, as a non-profit organization, you can achieve all this using text messaging marketing.

Communicating with Volunteers during Events

It’s crucial that you keep the volunteers in the loop when holding any event. Texting plays a big role in this.Here are a few examples

Distributing Event Information using Broadcast Texts

Campaign managers can use broadcast messaging to inform volunteers on the following:

  • The time when the event will be held
  • The location
  • Their duties

When you are logged in an app, this is done in one click of a button.

You can also text other potential volunteers and track the results. This is by sending a message with responses such as type YES or NO.

The CRM will automatically categorize the answers.

Read more: How Bulk SMS Marketing can Drive Your Political Campaign to Success?;

Answering Questions through Collective (Peer to peer) Texting

After sending your broadcast messages, some volunteers may have queries regarding the event. Now that they have a phone number, they can text you, and you can reply to them and so on.

The CRM collects and stores contact information for all attendees for future purposes.

Through mass texting, you can ensure maximum participation of an event by sending alerts, follow-ups, and reminders to the volunteers.

You can even collect additional information for attendees through automated texting. For example, if your first text was:

We are having fundraising on 3rd Feb 2020 to help street children, text Interested if you want to attend.

People who are not interested are immediately eliminated from the thread.

Now you can send the following text to the attendees:

Hurrah! Please send us your name so that we can add you to the attendance list.

The CRM updates their name with an automatic merge tag such as {first name _ last name}

At this point, you can start sending personalized messages and ask for more details, such as their email address.

Creates Awareness

Say you want to attract many volunteers to help in planting trees. SMS marketing is the most effective way because many people are likely to read your text.

As discussed earlier, you can use a series of messages to personalize the final campaign messages to encourage attendance.

Use SMS opt-ins to Collect Volunteers

If you are holding a campaign, you can post it on social media handles and website. But instead of asking individuals to enter their email address, you request them opt-in with a text.

People find this more comfortable and are likely to go through with it. You can then ask for more personal details as you get acquainted with each other.

Mobilizing People during an Emergency

During an emergency, every second counts. Emailing people may not work as some may not be connected to their WI-FI.

Calling, on the other hand, may take so much time when they're thousands of people involved.

Thanks to text messaging, it’s easy to spread a message in a minute through broadcast messaging.

Here are a few ways messaging can help during emergencies:

Alerting People When They're In Danger

If there is a fire or tornado, you can text the affected residents to take action quickly. You can also gather information on the affected individuals.

For example, you can add: If you are affected reply with YES

With the information, you can send help to the affected parties as soon as possible.

Sending Automated Responses

Another way you can help people during a crisis is by sending an automated response telling them the action they should take to stay safe.

For example, during a natural disaster like heavy rains, you can caution people to stay indoors.

You can also ask people to help with your social media handles. Here you can use an opt-in-keyword for those who are willing to help. After they accept to opt-in, you can send an automated text informing them of the steps they can take to help.

Since all this data is stored in your CRM, the next time there is a calamity in the same area, you’ll have your list of volunteers ready.


You can recruit volunteers using emails or social media handles, but it’s so much easier when you use text messages.

Text messages take prospects step by step. This way, they don’t feel overwhelmed.

Instead of providing a form that volunteers can fill in,all their information, begin with a simple text and then ask more info bit by bit.

Using broadcast messaging helps you reach many people, which increases your chances of getting the right people for your team.


Money is a sensitive topic, and you have to be strategic on how to ask for it if you want success.

There are two ways you can use text messaging to ask for donations.

One is the peer-to-peer texting, and the other one is using opt-in codes.

Peer-To-Peer Texting for Fundraising

Instead of using emails or generic messages, you can use collective texting to ask for donations.

Inserting the first time of an individual can have a huge impact and a higher persuasion power compared to a generic text.

When you are using a messaging app, this doesn’t take hours to implement.

The best part is that you can prepare and schedule your campaigns in advance.

Use Tags to Segment Your Supporters

You can categorize your messages based on the replies you get from your supporters. For example, you can group those who opt out and try to win them over using other options.

You can then have two more segments of those who pledged high amounts, and those who pledged a small amount. This ensures your follow up emails make sense to all groups.

To create a long term relationship with your users, make a habit of thanking them for taking action.

You don’t want your thread to be full of money requests only.


Every non-profit requires constant feedback to know whether or not they are on the right path. If you are running a survey, you can send a simple message such as:

Hello Olivia, we are carrying out a survey to improve our services. Would you love to help? Reply YES if you want in and NO if you want out.

If a person chooses YES, they are provided with the questionnaire or asked to fill in a form.

How to Choose the Best SMS Service for Non-profits

If you Google, text messaging service, you’ll get thousands of results. Below are five tips that will give you an idea of what you should be looking for:

1. Easy to Use.

Time is of the essence in a non-profit organization. You don’t have days to learn or teach your juniors how to use a text service software. Be sure to find something that requires minimal time to learn how to operate.

2. Great Customer Service

A great texting service for a non-profit organization should have a responsive and friendly customer service.

This is very critical because you don’t want a company that won’t be there when you are facing issues sending texts during a crisis.

3. Experience with Non-profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations have different needs from other companies. It’s crucial that you work with a testing message that has a history with other non-profit organizations. They are likely to have a way to solve the challenges you may face during texting.

4. Price

It’s very crucial that non-profit organizations save every cent they get. This is very reasonable given the cause they are serving.

With that said, choosing the cheapest messaging service may not be the best idea. It may not serve the intended purpose.

If you focus too much on the price you might forget other factors such as reliability of the app.

5. Features

Text messaging apps come with many features to make the texting experience of the user easy. A messaging service that understands a non-profit organization may have templates that fit your needs. If you don’t get one with experience with nonprofits, get one that’s ready to go the extra of helping with the customization process.

Get A Messaging App for Your Organization

Even though they are other outreach ways such as email marketing and social media marketing, they may not be the best outreach means for a non-profit organization.

Nonprofits need a mode of communication that can reach out to thousands of people in the shortest time possible.

If you haven’t considered switching to SMS marketing, this may be your opportunity to get started and take your organization to the next level of efficiency & effectiveness.

If you still don’t understand how this works, contact us for a Start Free Messaging Demo that will take you through the whole process.

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Why Your Business Should Need a Virtual IVR Number?

By Rishi | 07/01/2020 | Virtual Number

Interactive Voice Response System (IVRs) is the fast-growing automatic customer response system in large and small-scale industries. Mostly small-scale industries are trying to focus on IVRS to improve their response to their customers. Small-scale industries, emphasis on keeping their customers engaged so that the feedback from costumers about the concern will not fade away for the long term.

What is Interactive Voice Response System (IVRs)?

Interactive Voice Response or IVR is an automated cloud telephony system that automatically interacts with caller without any human intervention and helps to route the calls to the most appropriate departments / agents. It provides more professional way to your customers to interact with organization and freeing up sales / supports agents to focus on more value-added interactions. 

The powerful combination of technology is an efficient and direct method to connect your customers to the right agent in your organization.

Interactive Voice Response System mainly targets on reducing the human resources in organizations where the customer's incoming calls flow will be more. 

Unfortunately, limited human resources cannot handle all the customer's calls per day and missed most and important business sales call.

To increase the proficiency of the organization with a limited workforce is the main motive of IVRs.

Why Businesses Needs a Virtual IVR Number?

Nowadays Virtual IVR number is one of the indirect ways of customer service that you are investing in your business. Whether it is a large scale or small-scale industry. When a business person thinks, there should not be any small gap also in their business; then the virtual number should not be left behind. Start utilizing the benefits of the virtual number to its core.

What is a Virtual IVR Number?

This is a telephone number that lacks direct association to any telephone line but allows you to contact the person that you want to get in touch with. A clear and more literal example is that if you call a virtual number, you will be routed to other devices before finally being connected to the number that you want to contact. 

How does virtual phone number works?

The size of the business world shrunk utilizing technology, and now people feel they are nearby with their clients or customers even when they are 5000 to 7000 miles apart. 

The Virtual phone system is an advanced cloud-hosted telephony feature. A single virtual number can work for multiple departments. It uses DTMF technology to gather caller's response and forward the call based on their input to the right department.

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Features of Virtual Number

There are several features by which virtual number can be a part of your business.

  1. Transferring the call: You do not want to call several people in an office to discuss different information. Instead, you can call only one number, and your call will be transferred to different locations based on your needs. The call transferring facility is the most important feature of a virtual number.
  2. Reaching conference call: Here is another significant benefit of the virtual number. You do not need to call each person separately to discuss the same information. Instead, you can call one number and make all the required person present in one call. This feature is a conference call, and it plays a vital role when each person is far away, and they need to meet for a particular discussion.
  3. Voice mailing facility: If you are busy with some other work and you are unable to attend your customer call, there is an option called voice mail. Using this feature, your customer can drop a voice mail so that you will get an alert mail. You can listen to the record and understand why the customer called you. After studying, you can reply to your customer immediately or later when you get time.
  4. Barging in a conference call: If your manager or your higher official want to take part in your conference call, they no need to wait in the queue. Instead, they will have the facility to barge into the conference call ad take part in the discussion anytime.
  5. Intelligent call routing: This allows the system to identify the caller and the reason why they are calling to assign them to the right agent. It is quite efficient as it breaks the barrier of physical location. Intelligent call routing can take place regardless of where the caller is contacting from which can be very convenient for your company in dealing with customers that are physically far.
  6. Call recording: While using a virtual phone number, you have the option to record calls. Now call recording allows a wide variety of advantages these including, automated call recording, relief from the tiresome work of taking notes, ability to retrieve important data through reviewing calls, using recorded calls to simplify staff training, analyze the requirements of the customer among others.
  7. Call analysis and reporting: Virtual numbers offer retrieval of phone call history through which the user can use to analyze and track calls that have been made in the past which can, in turn, be very useful in tracking clients and having as proof of transaction.
  8. Office hour configuration: Virtual numbers offer your business capabilities of working remotely. The business number (which is a virtual number) can be configured to work around your business hours with ease. This offers your business employees a chance to explore business opportunities outside the office without having to burden themselves with the worries of missing a client's call. 


To do prosperous business, you should keep the current business growth and future commitments to your customers. Always thrive to keep your customer engaged so that they should not think about searching for an alternative source. IVR services might play a small role in that, but that will be an essential role and becomes a significant contribution to your business. So, start investing in Virtual Phone System to become successful.

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How to Use SMS Marketing to Increase Sales of Your Business

By Rishi | 21/12/2019 | Mobile Marketing

Personally, I receive countless text messages daily. In this era of WhatsApp Messenger and other instant messengers, SMS messages appears a bit old-fashioned. Yet, these messages are clear indicator that SMS always remains an integral part of mobile marketing. And several companies use SMS marketing to increase sales of their business.

Before I speak about how to use SMS marketing to increase sales of your business, let's look at some of the flipsides of SMS messaging in general. That would give you a clear idea of how you can use SMS marketing effectively.

Flipsides of SMS Marketing

In simplest terms, SMS marketing involves sending messages in bulk to hundreds or even thousands of mobile phone numbers within a specific geographic location or entire country in few seconds. This depends upon the nature of the business.

Banks, Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs), the Indian government organizations, utilities providers, eCommerce websites and several others use SMS marketing to reach existing and potential clients.

The messages are about an existing or upcoming service, offers, promotions, cautionary notification, bill payment alerts and any other information. However, not every SMS that I receive is useful. This brings us to the major flipsides of SMS marketing-

  • SMS messages often go unread by the user since most people in India use WhatsApp and other messaging platforms.
  • The National Do Not Disturb (DND) service that mobile telecom companies in India have to offer under Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) guidelines enables users to block all marketing SMS.
  • As a common tendency, most mobile phone users don't bother to read SMS messages anymore.

If we consider these five factors, you can easily imagine the difficulties in using SMS marketing to increase sales of your business. At the same time, these needn't be an impediment or hurdle to your business. You can use SMS effectively for your business by following some simple tips.

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5 Tips to Use SMS Marketing to Increase Sales for Your Business

These simple tips might help you overcome the above flipsides of SMS marketing and help increase sales of your business. 

1. Send a SMS Alerts to Right Customers 

As per the TRAI rule, never send unsolicited SMS messages to anyone merely because they're an existing customer or a potential client. And the best way to do so is ask your customers to subscribe voluntarily to SMS alerts from your business. 

You can do so by providing a link on your mobile with an assurance that you won't share their mobile number. Also assure the customer that your business will send an SMS only when there's an important information or exciting offer or new launch. This is the best way to use SMS marketing to increase sales of your business.

2. Use SMS Wisely With Brief Info

Nowadays, you can get bulk SMS packages that allows you to send end number of messages. 

If you're subscribing to such bulk SMS plans from any messaging solution provider, it's tempting enough to use the service at its best. And this proves extremely counterproductive when you use SMS marketing to increase sales of your business.

Obviously, you won't have a special offer daily. Nor would there be any newsworthy SMS that you can send every day. As a result, you might end up sending meaningless SMS messages to an extent that your loyal customer would block them. Therefore, subscribe for bulk SMS packs that just about meets your needs. And use SMS judiciously.

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3. Use Shorten and Customize URLs for Boosting Online Sales

As text messages have to limit, you can send only 160 Characters in a message. So utilise the power of URL Shorter and use customized shorten URL like: http://bit.ly/brandname, it boost Click Through Rate (CTR) and looks more trust worthy and readable for your SMS message that would tempt people to make online purchases, if you are running an online business

Also it helps your customers to make a purchases or buy your services after visiting your website. People usually take instant decisions when you make a special offer. Since an SMS is read on the move, a shortened URL can direct customers to your website to place orders.

At the same time, do not send URLs unless you have something really special to offer. That would force a client to ignore your messages. And this translates as failure of your SMS marketing to increase sales for your business. Use SMS with shortened URL only to launch campaigns or a sale.

4. Use Call-to-Action Buttons 

As you can see, we have seen certain advantages of SMS marketing and how to use it to increase sales of your business. If this attracts you, there're specific actions you can take.

  • Create excellent SMS content by reading some online tutorials.
  • Subscribe to a bulk SMS service depending on your needs.
  • Read DND conditions and tempt your SMS recipients to override it for your business.

These three steps will help you use SMS marketing to increase sales of your business.

5. Timing Is Crucial for Bulk SMS Campaign

A major advantage of SMS marketing to increase sales of your business are the large number of festivals in India. Indian banks and NBFCs utilize SMS marketing to the fullest during festivals. They send a message that greets people. At the same time, the SMS alerts them about special offers available for using their app, credit card or debit card or other promotions. Therefore, one of the essentials are getting the timing right to engage SMS marketing.


Nobody can predict the future of SMS marketing since mobile technologies continue to evolve rapidly. If you closely monitor the trend, it indicates more of Multimedia Messaging System or MMS marketing that contains pictures, video, music and text. Till such a time SMS exists, you can SMS marketing to increase sales of your business. The key to using SMS marketing also lies in the content. Remember that nowadays nobody reads long content. This means, your SMS has to be precise and to the point. It should spur the customer to act immediately and take action that results as sale for your business.

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Top SMS Marketing Ideas for Cyber Monday Success in 2019

By Rishi | 25/11/2019 | Cyber Monday Tips

The biggest retail festival is upon us and every business is rolling up their sleeves to make Cyber Monday a success. While mostly known for its American roots, Cyber Monday is catching up in other countries too, like the UK. As per reports the UK spent £8 Billion last year on Cyber Monday 4-day weekend.

Many marketers attribute this growth of the biggest shopping extravaganza to the popularity of mobile phones. The mobile has been touring over desktop when it comes to traffic to business sites from mobile devices. Even 2 years ago in 2017, Black Friday deals enjoyed 66% traffic from mobile devices to the websites. This year international marketers are preparing to spend more with a projection of £10 Billion, in the UK itself.

Make the most of mobile devices

SMS messages though believed to be out of fashion are still effective when it comes to business messages and notifications. They have an open rate of 90 - 98 percent and usually are read within the first 3 minutes of the message arriving. So, letting customers know about special Cyber Monday sales through mobile marketing becomes imperative in 2019. If you want your users to browse your deals and cart items during the Cyber Monday sale, its essential to send a text message with the link to the URL. SMS has a click through rate of 19% while its counterpart email 4.2%.

Here’s how SMS can accelerate Cyber Monday retail and e-commerce business:

Re-targeting abandons

Basket abandon rates often go as high as 79 percent during the festive season. Businesses can re-target such users with a persuasive text message to give them the necessary push to convert, by picking up where they left off. Such convenience of text communication encourages conversions while also keeping user experience high. 

Stock availability alerts

Let customers know when the items they wish to buy or had set to be notified is up on the shelves again. Spreading the buzz on low stock or new stock arrivals can increase traffic and footfall into sites and stores by manifolds, due to the sense of urgency it creates.

Notify deals on wish-list items

Much like stock notifications, deals on items in users’ wish-list can help nudge them to cart and transact in the site. These are more personalized and have higher chances of conversion and also add to the user experience.

Early-birds and opt-ins

Let the big spending loyals know about the Cyber Monday deals early on. Provide them with special offers like exclusive opt-ins and deals or pre-sales deals. Use keywords or short codes via SMS and incentivize shopping in-stores.

Discount codes and SMS vouchers

Increase sales through sales promotions the tried-and-tested way with special discount codes to drive additional sales and increase traffic and footfall.

Delivery updates

Keep customers updated with their order shipping and delivery details, add additional information like delivery agents’ contact and other convenient features to make shopping a good experience.

Make the most of Cyber Monday with improved customer experience and multichannel communication, leveraging SMS marketing with us. For information on Cyber Monday and Cyber Monday promotions follow this space!

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5 Highly Effective SMS Marketing Tips to Improve Black Friday Sales in 2019

By Rishi | 25/10/2019 | SMS Marketing
Text message marketing has an open rate of 98%.

The biggest sales day of the year is looming right around the corner and there is no better way to reach your prospects than on their phones! A well-planned mobile marketing campaign can do wonders for your brand during the biggest sale extravaganza of the year, that now lasts for more than just a day.

Here’s a few tips to keep in mind when you set up your SMS marketing campaign for Black Friday, this year:

Personalize your text messages

Hi John, giving makes you happy. Buy your Christmas presents from [name of your company] and get 45% discount!

This is your chance to make your clients feel special, welcomed and remembered. A little can go a long way when planning SMS marketing campaigns, like adding their first name with a salutation for the messages you send.

Reading their name not only helps them feel cherished by your brand, but also reduces chances of falling below the radar as generic spam or junk. Thus, it will increase the clicks on the Call-to-Action on your button.

Timing matters

Hi John, you’ve still got lots of time to take us up on this special 50% OFF offer till 9pm today.

Time is the most crucial part of any SMS marketing strategy. Plan it too early and you risk being forgotten, plan it too late and miss out on opportunities.

Sending marketing SMS during busy afternoons or work hours risk being ignored out of annoyance.

In general, standard business hours of 10 am – 8 pm are most effective for SMS marketing campaigns. Heuristically the best time for marketing SMS blasts is during the early morning i.e. 8:00 - 12:00, when people are just getting started with their morning coffee at work and are usually checking their phones. Or later in the evenings when they’re relaxed, like 17:00 - 21:00.

Don’t discount the discount!

The perfect start to the festive season: Make sure you buy your Festival presents this weekend to get a 60% discount!

Sales promotions is the lifeblood of Black Friday. Give a good enough reason for your customers to see why you are contacting them and make their time and effort count. Most readers skim read to see the discount part of the message, which is the best driver for increasing traffic and conversions on your site.

Follow the 5 Ws of SMS marketing

It’s a no brainer that senders must keep their SMS short and sweet. But copywriters often struggle to make the most of the small real-estate. So, it’s best to follow the 5Ws of message writing for SMS promotions:

  1. What - could be a deal or a discount code
  2. Who - your brand or store
  3. Where - on the web or in store
  4. How - using the code or whatever CTA applies
  5. Why - Black Friday sales

Keep it linked

Make the most of each marketing avenue with a bit of cross-promotion. Tie in your social media pages, e-mailers and SMS together to make sure there are no leaks in the sales funnel.

Tying up all the marketing channels together with a unified message will help you gather more awareness and actions from prospects for your Black Friday sale.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas are just around the corner. Customers are ready to grab the best offers and put their money, where they feel valued. It’s your job to inspire them to choose you instead of a competitor! For more interesting tips on special event and seasonal SMS marketing promotions, follow this space.

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Cloud Telephony for Healthcare Industry to Improve Customer Communication

By Rishi | 06/10/2019 | Cloud Telephony

The healthcare industry worldwide is witnessing the fastest growth, with the US spending a whopping amount of USD 3 trillion towards its development, which contributes to almost 18 percent of its economy. India is also racing at a fast pace in terms of the healthcare industry with a CAGR of 16.5 percent to around 22.6 percent and is expected to hit a massive valuation of USD 280 billion as a whole within 2020. With the growth of the industry one thing becomes invaluable for its stakeholders, customer communications. And the best way to manage that is through the advancement in could telephony systems. This will not only bring order to the system, but also make healthcare services more accessible to the people in need.

Challenges in Communication for the Healthcare Industry

For hospitals, phones are always running off the hooks. Here are the 3 main challenges it needs to deal with:

1. Keeping a track of client communications

There are several patients who call the hospitals every day with numerous queries, and there are plenty of agents for most large organizations to address their grievances. But the hospitals hardly ever keep track of the client conversations and follow-up calls are a messy situation that causes irritation to both parties on either side. There must be a tracking system in place that keeps conversations recorded to address queries faster.

2. Measuring the performance of agents

While call centers do so with stringent policies and close watch over their agents. Hospital call centers mostly have no quality checks and performance tracking; this compromises the customer experience often to great cost of the hospitals due to negative impressions.

3. Tracking customer experience

There is no tracking system in place that measures conversions in hospitals, so hospitals and healthcare centers remain ill-equipped to measure their customer experience. The problem with lack of record keeping, leads to forged data manipulation and in turn affects the reputation and business of most hospitals.

For patients who are at the receiving end of the spectrum, the hardships are often graver and a higher cost.

Making appointments without having to wait for long hours at the waiting room is almost impossible these days. That is because most agents who handle such calls have no consolidated data to estimate a realistic time period for each appointment. Hence, it creates a mess for all having to wait for long hours, wasting valuable time, creating frustrations.

Notifying changes in appointments is yet another challenge. In most cases patients are notified too late of a cancelled appointment. This costs not only the clinic or hospital in relation but also to the doctor’s name in question in bad regard.

Alerting the patient of scheduled checkups and appointments is mostly a manual business still today, since it is completely manual it is prone to errors and delays that may cause gross inconveniences for the patients.

As for service centers such as diagnostic clinics and others, maintaining a CRM system in place can be a game changer. This will prevent data loss and keep track of communications made. This can be especially helpful for chains of diagnostic centers with multiple locations so that they can maintain customer experience and monitor performance to maintain a standard.

How Cloud telephony Solutions can help Healthcare?

Communication is key in every aspect especially in a sector where it deals with patients’ life and death. So a system that is easy to use and maintain is ideal to cater to a positive experience for everyone involved. Routing calls effectively to the right department with an IVR Service is an easy fix to call redirections. They also enable hospitals to use a single toll-free number or virtual number that is easier to remember and keep track of.

Automated reminders can improve customer experience at a great deal. New parents and elderly patients are especially helped through such an organized system. This can be put in place easily with a bulk SMS service for the healthcare industry. Such communications systems affirm reputation and maintain a lasting business relationship with patients.

With cloud telephony services in place one can maintain proper feedback systems to enable the patient parties feel empowered and in control and create a loyal group of subscribers to your hospital or clinic’s services.

Moreover with a technologically advanced secure system in place hospitals and health care organizations can maintain updated patient records, minimize errors and keep confidential data safe with themselves. It is time the healthcare industry got more accessible to its customers and got transparent with clear communications in place.

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How to Get a Toll Free Number in Mumbai to Grow Your Business Fast?

By Rishi | 06/10/2019 | Toll Free Service

Toll-Free Number is a term which has come across your mind a lot of times, but still, some people don't know the meaning of it. So, let us understand the meaning of it in the beginning.

What is Toll-free Number?

A Toll-Free Number can also be said to be a free phone number. It is a number that gives the privilege to your potential customers to reach to your business for free. Toll-Free Numbers usually begin with digits 1800, and they are very easy to remember so that the callers can reach to you easily. The interaction of the client is increased because the calls are free for the clients, and the service subscriber has to pay a nominal charge for all the calls which are made to them.

With the help of a Toll-free number service, you can improvise on the satisfaction of your customers by being available to take their calls. It becomes easy for your customers to ask questions and reach out to you with the help of a Toll-free number. It becomes feasible for the customers to get in contact with you from anywhere in the entire country.

There are various Toll-free number providers in Mumbai. Let us know the process of it.

How to buy a Toll-free number in Mumbai?

There are two options to get a Toll-free number in Mumbai.

  1. You can get it from a TSP (Telecom Service Provider) like Airtel, Idea, Vodafone or BSNL.
  2. You can get it from Cloud Telephony Service Providers like PRP Services Pvt. Ltd., Knowlarity, Exotel etc.

There are a few things to keep in mind before purchasing a Toll-free number service in Mumbai.

  1. Is it not possible for you to set up your infrastructure?
  2. Is it affordable for you to set up an infrastructure and spending on the building, and is it not possible to handle by the in-house IT team?
  3. Is it not possible for you to predict your call volume and scale or descale your infrastructure and cost as per the usage?

If the answers to the above questions are yes, then you should opt for Cloud Telephony Service Providers in Mumbai. There are lots of benefits of choosing Toll free number from Cloud Telephony Company like affordable cost, better customer support, nationwide presence, provide more portability etc.

Features of Toll-Free Number Service

  • Multi-level IVR Setup
    There are several levels of specified interactions and questions which guarantees accurate call routing. The transfers of calls to the designated departments are made very easily without any need for human intervention.
  • Detailed Analytics of Toll-Free Number
    There will be detailed reports provided for every single call in order to measure your efforts accordingly. A detailed analytic report will tell you about everything you need to work on for a particular Toll-free number. You can check report by agent, by caller or by day and many more.
  • Blacklist and Whitelist
    The agents get a better environment when unnecessary calls are blocked. There are a special blocking and filtration which allows you to present a serious business image and it also provides an ease of conducting calls.
  • Configuration of Office Hours
    It provides a ticket generation or specialized alerts for the calls which are made after the office hours. It provides customers with greetings and acknowledgment when the company agents are off-duty.
  • The facility of Voice Mail
    The callers get the facility of sending a voice mail for any messages or queries. Due to this, they do not have to call you again and again, and it becomes easy for you to solve their issues.
  • Skill-based Routing
    The IVR-questions are pre-set for the callers, and they are routed to the appropriate agent who is skilled enough to solve their query. It provides customers with hassle-free operations, and client satisfaction is increased by reducing the waiting time.

Benefits of Toll-Free Number

  • Better services to the customers with an ease of communication.
  • Toll-Free Numbers are easy to remember.
  • The brand reputation is increased.
  • The feature of portability and relocation is very easy.
  • The tracking performance is excellent.
  • The customers get free call access from any location in the country.
  • The detailed analytical report can be obtained.

There are various Toll-free number providers in Mumbai. PRP Services Pvt. Ltd. is considered to be the best Toll-free number provider in Mumbai. The Toll-free number service in Mumbai is working very efficiently, and it is very useful for the businesses.

Price of Toll-Free Number in Mumbai

There are different packages available for getting a Toll-free number in Mumbai. The Toll-free number price starts from Rs. 1599* per month in Mumbai and in this package the calls will be landed directly on the phone number which you have specified. This is the basic packages and you will manage your business calls, route to different departments and agents, and have limited access to the dashboard and features. The company charges coins per calls and there are free coins provided with every purchase of toll-free package.

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How Does SMS Marketing Work For Airlines?

By LeadAdmin | 13/09/2019 | SMS Marketing

Marketing is a game of creativity with the rising competition in every industry. With the increase in the number of platforms where you can engage your potential customers, companies find it a daunting task to create and offer marketable content at the right platform during the right time so, as to gain the maximum visibility with least spend. But an area that is still growing despite what popular belief might be is SMS marketing. Airlines have been slowly adopting this impactful marketing tool and embracing its benefits for the better.

With numerous players in the market and lack of customer loyalty airlines these days have been going through a bit of a struggle. While other promotional avenues can be quite heavy on the pocket, the innovations in the SMS marketing solutions can bring about positive change to industry and help smart marketers overcome market challenges.

Here’s how SMS marketing is integrated with other marketing efforts of airlines for better:

Deal notifications can drive conversions:

These days airline deals is a buzz word and most people who choose to travel look for the most affordable offers. Moreover, these days many travelers are on the lookout for great airline deals whose entire travel plans depend on the availability of affordable means. A great way to attract customers for airlines is to offer them what they are looking for right in their mobile inbox. That way, even the ones that were not looking to travel, may change their minds and make new travel plans due to special deals being offered from the airlines. And what better way to communicate these deals than through bulk SMS marketing as it reaches fast and is received and opened by the receivers the most.

Improve customer loyalty:

These days customer loyalty is hard to come by in the airline industry, as most travel plans are based on affordability. So, it is evident people would not always pick the same airline every time they fly, very few have exclusive preferences. To deal with this problem many airlines offer benefits and bonuses for repeating customers for their loyalty. Such offers can do wonders to improve the loyalty of fliers and the quickest way to communicate them is through SMS marketing channels. Most such email updates would slide into the spam or promotional folder if sent over through mail and would seldom be opened or read by the customers. By offering more benefits fliers would receive more value for the money and would improve their loyalty to airline brands without considering costs as they would get more value for their money.

SMS marketing is cost-effective and reliable:

If you try to manage multiple channels of communication to inform and notify your clients, it can lead to process bottlenecks and be prone to errors. Needless to say, it also requires hefty investments. SMS marketing dashboards are flexible, customizable and easy to use, they come a fraction of the costs required for other marketing channels and can be easily managed by a single person. Airlines can also send special notification messages like, flight status, ticketing information and others to drive their customer satisfaction levels with little expense. SMS messages also offer great reliability when it comes to a ubiquitous communication system as they are viewable and supported on all kinds of mobile devices. Moreover, as stated above SMS still have the highest open rate of about 98% that remains unmatchable by any other email communication.

In conclusion, since SMS marketing is still relatively new and under-utilized, airline companies must act fast to have their markets cornered for better returns as SMS promises high engagement rates. Making communication easy for clients is the bottom line for every business and the easiest way to achieve that is through SMS marketing.

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5 Clever Ways Businesses Use Text Messaging

By LeadAdmin | 13/09/2019 | SMS Marketing

Ever thought about the only thing that never leaves your side is just your mobile phone! India’s mobile market is growing at a tremendous rate, recent data from TRAI suggested that India just reached its mark of having 1 billion mobile users, which is great news given that India’s economy is progressing for a brighter future. The increase in use of mobile phones is sign of dramatic change that is occurring in the society in how people communicate and do business.

What is Text or SMS Messaging?

Businesses are based on communication and thanks to the advent of better mobile technology and its use, people are aware of media like SMS (short messaging service). Every mobile phone user has access to messages and uses them, hence is also familiar with the system. A groundbreaking survey data revealed that people touch their phones almost 2617 times a day, thus, it is understandable why the open rate of SMS messages is so high up to 98 percent. Data also reveals that people open most SMS messages within 3 minutes of it being delivered.

It is now commonplace for consumers to be notified of purchases, special deals and other notification from their preferred vendors and service providers. Thus, SMS marketing with the help of bulk SMS providers has emerged to be a powerful business promotional tool that is affordable, fast and effective for businesses of varying scales. However, bulk SMS marketing like most other things in business requires some planning and thought to equip itself with valuable content and also bring value to the recipient.

Send delivery status updates to strengthen the relationship:

Each transaction with a customer is an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with them. So, utilize and make the most of these opportunities with simple acts of transparency, by sending those messages to notify the delivery status of their order or the status of their transaction. This way the customer feels like they are kept in the loop with clear communication and are a part of the process. Messages can help strengthen business relationships and boost your reputation in the industry.

Getting feedbacks from surveys:

Traditional survey methods are often over-intrusive and require filling up of long, time taking questionnaire. They are cumbersome to carry out with all the paperwork and the digital media through emails and the likes require a lot of follow-up. SMS is a good way conducting short and precise surveys with just the few questions you want the feedback for or running polls that let businesses know what their customers want.

Effective marketing:

Bulk SMS services though may seem over-intrusive and being annoying to the recipient who has his/her phone inbox populated with unrelated messages. But that is not always the case, with sophisticated segmentation and tracking systems from data-driven bulk SMS providers you can really target effective audience and bring your messages to most relevant masses, thus, opening new business opportunities for you.

Efficient reminders:

Helping your clients remember their appointments or their payment due dates is an effective way of strengthening business relationships and fostering a community of brand loyal masses. It is the best way to gently remind people in between their long busy day.

You can promote your app:

SMS marketing is a great tool for promoting other collaterals like apps, with special promotional offers that boost app installs the best way to communicate such offers is through SMS messages that allows one click installation.

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5 Qs to Ask When Buying Cloud Telephony for Your Business

By LeadAdmin | 05/09/2019 | Cloud Telephony

With more and more new entrants coming up in the cloud telephony market it is easy to get confused about choosing the right one for your business. All businesses thrive on communication, be it with prospective customers, agents, or within the organization. And these days most business communications happen through phones. While there are numerous other channels of communication available to businesses today with email, instant messaging, videos etc. for business communications, but the humble old telephone is still remains an irreplaceable favorite for most.

Here are 5 questions to consider when choosing a cloud telephony provider for your business

1. The price factor

This is an important point to ponder with any business decision. For your information let us clarify that cloud telephony services relatively are a little more expensive than normal mobile phone connections. The reason being that these platforms is built on advanced technologies that not only help streamline the flow of calls in and out of the organization, but also offer data driven insights. While incoming calls come at a cost to the service provider but outgoing calls are a cost to the subscriber.

Then why choose cloud telephony you may ask. The reason is also cost-driven as they are still more cost efficient than having to create your own system using things like PRI lines or EPABX systems on your own, which requires a hefty investment.

Here are a few thoughts on who should consider cloud telephony services and why

  • For companies that don’t get more than 30 calls a day having a cloud telephony service setup, may not be very beneficial to them; as they will not be able to reap the full benefits of the system.
  • For those that are receiving more than 200 calls a day, it may make more sense to setup their own PRI lines or EPABX systems than to subscribe to a cloud telephony service provider. The cost will come around to be similar and you can have your own, on-premise custom solution.
  • Also consider the opportunity cost with each call you receive. If it is less that INR 50 then it is recommended to not spend too much or put in great deal of efforts to the system. Having a more organized phone system will work.
  • Furthermore, before you subscribe do pay attention to the lock-in span of time that comes with most cloud telephony service providers, this is a good time to think over the sustainability and plan of growth for your business.

2. Recognizable telephone numbers

This is one of the greatest benefits of availing cloud telephony service. You get to choose a single number for your business, so choose wisely depending on your overall setup. Also pay attention to the location of the number. For e.g. a business located in Jaipur wouldn’t benefit too much from having a Mumbai-based landline number. Also consider the fact that all outgoing calls are made from a server based line, so consider how people will perceive the call they will be receiving from your outgoing business calls and choose accordingly. A safe way is to go by mobile number-like telephone numbers as it opens up a lot of possibilities.

You can also opt for vanity numbers that are fancy numbers that help bring about memory retention of your phone number; businesses like cab companies and the likes can reap great benefits from such connections. But they will come expensive.

3. Know about support

Consider the kind of support engagement you are looking at. It is always a good idea to understand how things work to have more control on your system. Watch some YouTube videos to keep yourself informed. However, since this is a SaaS dominated industry you may not get complete service like support from any provider. It may pay to keep a small tech team on standby for small customizations, bug fixes and API integrations, although notable service providers like PRP Services offer complete API integration and customizations on request.

4. SLA

Most cloud telephony services are based on existing operator networks, so the up-times for response will be on the mercy of operators. However, in terms of response time cloud telephony services is better than having to deal with telecom operators. Telecom operators mostly have no SLA support. There are service providers who have devised definitive fail-overs for services like toll numbers as well as mobile numbers, so choose wisely and research well about service providers to get the best.

5. Voice Platform APIs

This is an important aspect that you will need to pay attention to at some point, be it to integrate with your CRM or even for pooling common data. APIs are the best things about cloud telephony and can be really helpful. It may make sense to have a small tech team on standby when it comes to APIs as they tend to be highly comprehensive tech products and like most complex tech products do read the API documentation with care to know the possibilities.

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How SMS Marketing Helps You Promote Your Products & Services?

By LeadAdmin | 05/09/2019 | SMS Marketing

It was back in 2008, when the famous business analyst Mary Meeker first made the bold statement that by 2014 mobile usage for browsing the internet will surpass the desktop usage for the same, globally, by a large amount.

Now standing 4 years later, we must agree that she was right. All kinds of mobile devices especially smart phones have surpassed the desktop and laptop usage for browsing the internet, especially the percentage of the time spent on the WWW for online shopping or research on the same.

The importance of bulk SMS marketing for businesses

The world’s internet future is strongly being shaped around the mobile sector, people are now most comfortable doing shopping from their mobile devices or browsing offers. So, evidently businesses must look towards mobile marketing to stay market relevant, cut the noise of competition and target the right audience.

An important part of mobile marketing is bulk SMS services that occupies a central role and is almost an inseparable part of mobile marketing. People are so attached to their smartphones these days that they check their phones at least thrice within an hour even during the busiest parts of their day! So, it is imperative for companies to target all avenues of the phone usage to grab the customer’s attention and reach the top of the list.

Bulk SMS services is an empowering tool for marketers that allows them to send personalized and highly segmented, targeted messages to the potential leads and be read from their own inbox! Text messages sent in bulk is the simplest way to interact with and engage with a large audience mass, by sharing useful information with them, announcing product launches, special offers or communicating special value points. With just a simple click one can deliver their well-thought marketing messages to numerous mobile devices, instantly almost anywhere in the world. The main reason why this works offering the maximum ROI is because it offers the fastest 2-way communication system through very crisp SMS messages. Thus, making this the ideal marketing avenue for businesses that aspire to have a global expanse.

Here’s why bulk SMS works for effective marketing

Capture the largest customer-base

With bulk SMS services one can capture the largest customer-base with the least effort and expense. Bulk SMS service providers in Delhi offer great value for money packages suitable to the business needs of most companies. It is easy to build your brand one reader at a time through well-thought promotions sent to their inbox.

SMS is the most ROI-driven tool of digital marketing

Do you want to send 500 messages or a 1000 or even 5 million within a single minute with just a few clicks of the mouse? You can be assured that the pricing will hardly break the bank.

Highest open rates

Bulk SMS is still the leader in open rates with almost 99% readers reading the messages that land in their inbox. Not many people sift through promotional emails that go to the junk within a few days before even being read, also social media ads and promotions may feel overly intrusive and can be controlled by users to lessen them. With bulk SMS your marketing message will be read by the targeted audience.

Start messaging your customers today

Bulk SMS helps to build a brand identity that customers know and trust, as sending well-timed messages relevant to their needs is the best form of sales-flattery any brand worth its salt can do, and that’s what bulk SMS service providers help you do!

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Virtual Receptionist Vs. Traditional Call Centers - Who is Better?

By LeadAdmin | 04/09/2019 | Cloud Telephony

You need more than just simple professionalism for handling important business calls from clients and other stakeholders. However, when it comes to choosing suitable people for the job, most companies be it large or small spare less than for any other position. A receptionist is the welcoming voice and face for your company, he or she is the point of first impression for your business to prospects and should project an image suitable to the brand image you aim to project for your organization. So, inherently they should be much more than polite, they should be consistent, patient and avoid making errors with a contingency plan in place that is fail safe.

Such high expectations can be difficult to be met by any skilled humans, but such consistency and intuitiveness with prompt actions is something that humans have mastered through their own creations. Virtual receptionists while do sound dystopian like futuristic are widely used by large corporations as well as small businesses for the benefits they offer.

What is Virtual Receptionist?

Businesses no matter the industry or the economy always run on thin ice when it comes to customers. A small bad experience with your company and your clients will not a minute to switch over to your competitors. This also includes every time they place to call to connect with your business and are left unanswered, put on hold for endless hours and after all that not having their problem resolved or query answered by the right person with the right information. A virtual receptionist is your solution to all these aforementioned problems and more.

However, virtual receptionists should not be confused with a robotic physical entity; it’s a simple software program that virtually takes care of everything that is expected of a human receptionist and more within a timely manner and with more speed and accuracy. You will no longer have the phones ringing off the hook on an empty reception desk, no calls would go unattended, and so your brand image will be maintained as a reliable and reputable organization that cares about its customers and is here to stay and serve and not run overnight. A virtual receptionist will help you build a meaningful relationship through systematic workflows and organization within your company from the very first point of contact with you. Moreover, if in any case a call is missed due to technical discrepancies an IVR service provider offers systems that send automated message alerts to let you know about calling back the missed connect.

Moreover, a good virtual receptionist comes with the following features:

  • Call recording
  • Call tracking
  • Easy call centre setup
  • IVR Service
  • Analytics of data
  • Improvement of customer service


Furthermore, virtual receptionist services are cost effective, location independent, do not need a new infrastructure and offer benefits like CRM integration, analytics and a single number for the operation of your whole business like your own identity.

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Free Cloud Telephony Services for Your Startup

By LeadAdmin | 04/09/2019 | Startup Programs

PRP Services’ newest Cloud based Voice Communication Platform 'PRP Mobility' launches with a big bang as the company is offering its IVR Services for free to Startups who register for the same. Startups can enjoy their cloud telephony service of IVR (interactive voice response) for no cost for 15 days in limited plan. The IVR Services allows automated identification, segmentation and routing of calls to the right department, without any need of human intervention. With clear messages and instructions, callers get to talk to the right agents in no time, thus reducing call centre costs, minimizing errors and improving efficiency in communication. This offer can be availed online instantly for those interested in just a few steps.

The offer can be availed for a span of 15 days, which is a no obligatory free trial for users interested in understanding the full scope of this cloud telephony services. To avail the said offer Startup owners first call to 1800-313-5152 visit their newly unveiled website 'https://prpmobility.com'. The website’s welcome screen asks its visitors to log in to the site with their email address. Users can also choose to login via Facebook as the site supports Single sign-on through the social media.

Once the logged in, the user will be asked to fill in a few basic details to verify their email along with furnishing their KYC document. The KYC document can be any government approved identity like PAN, Adhaar, and Voter’s ID etc. Once the necessary details have been furnished the user’s free access to their mobility services will be activated instantly citing the entire span of validity. The KYC document has been mandated by the government of India for availing any kind of mobility and communication services as a security measure.

This new offer from the foremost telephony service provider in India, is to help users get acquainted with the latest in mobility and business communications and to address any misconceptions they may have about the technology. Technology has touched everything around us and communication is the one thing that has been impacted the most. Things unimaginable even a few years ago for man to accomplish when it came to communication can now be done with complete ease.

Telephony services have gone through a complete revolution simplifying business communication for the better. They have helped businesses attain transparency, improve customer experience and made the entire process hundred times faster. More and more businesses, whether big or small are beginning to understand the benefits and finer nuances behind this seemingly simple solution; with this new offer from PRP Mobility with the free trial will help businesses experience, compare and understand how a solid telephony service can be effective for their business. This is a unique step taken by the cloud telephony service provider who has been one of the foremost pioneers of voice communication technology in India.

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How Bulk SMS Marketing can Drive Your Political Campaign to Success?

By LeadAdmin | 04/09/2019 | SMS Marketing

India being the largest democracy in the world has rich diversity that makes it unique. While different people have different views about issues and life that sets them apart from each other, there is one thing ubiquitous among all – almost everyone in the country carries a cell phone.

Running election campaigns is no easy job for the political parties in India. To win the support of the majority, parties must have the right strategy to communicate with everyone and deliver their message. Every vote and opinion counts and enough of it can lead you that coveted position of success. While politics has forever got a bad rap in every country as well as in India, times are changing. More and more youth are aware and involved in politics and actively participate for their cause. With changes to the old political scenario, there also must be some change to the way political parties choose to communicate with their target masses.

Simply staging lectures and discussions on every neighborhood, is no longer enough to rally the largest democracy and inspire voters’ support. Political leaders need what has essentially been long used by corporates – branding and awareness generation. This can be done in many ways, but one of the fastest and definitely the most cost-effective way to convey your parties’ vision and agenda to the largest number of people without traveling long distances or spending huge sums of money is through bulk SMS services.

If they can work for small to large companies, then they can also work for political organizations and campaigns. With new interest and new thought in the political scenario in the country, people need newer forms of communication with their political leaders. SMS is personal, seemingly one-on-one with clear and simple messaging.

Often a single sentence can be powerful enough to bring about a revolution and change the tides of time. And the quickest way to deliver such strong messages to the larger population is through bulk SMS. This is especially effective to connect to the younger generation of voters who are tech savvy and don’t find ample representation within the political climate.

Using Text Messages for Political Campaigns

Here are a few things bulk SMS marketing can help with for your political campaign:

  • Send important alerts and messages
  • Convey future strategies within crisp, clear thoughts
  • Rally people up for your agenda through communication
  • Notify party members and supporters of meetings
  • Send out reminders on voting day
  • Notify people of election happenings like rallies, gatherings, meetings
  • Fast announcements
  • Deliver your political message in regional or local language to connect better

If you are still wondering if bulk SMS is right for your political campaign, here are the most proven advantages of using bulk SMS campaigns apart from the commonly known time and cost saving factors.

SMS Adds a Personal Touch

SMS messages reach every voter individually, which is almost as good as one-to-one communication. Your political message gets delivered right into the mobile inbox that is with your readers at all times. Moreover, SMS messages are short, concise and informal thus, adding a personal touch to the communication. This helps readers connect with the sender and be more receptive to their political agenda.

Highest response rate

It has been proven over and over again that bulk SMS marketing surpasses penetration and open rates more than any other form marketing communication. It is faster and much more effective than emails, and has the open rate of 98 percent and that too within 5 minutes of receiving the message.

Low cost yet high returns

Other forms of promotion like newspaper ads, banners, hoardings and television ads work, but they are much more expensive in comparison to bulk SMS services. One can conduct an SMS campaign for a fraction of the cost needed for the other promotional channels for a much greater, lasting return through awareness, message delivery and farthest reach.

The benefits of bulk SMS marketing has been proven time and again in corporate as well as in political context and many parties have earlier used this tool for success.

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Toll-Free Number in Delhi - The Best Boost-up For Enterprises

By LeadAdmin | 03/09/2019 | Toll Free Service

Toll-Free Number is a very common term, and you might have come heard about it a lot of times. You might know a few things about a Toll-Free Number but not everything about it. So, let us discuss it and gather some more information.

What is Toll-Free Number?

As the name suggests, a Toll-Free number is similar to a free phone number. A Toll-Free Number is a phone number which helps in the growth of your business by making it easy for the people to reach out to your business. Toll-Free numbers are very easy to remember, and they start from iconic digits 1800. The service subscriber has to pay nominal charges for the calls which are made by the customers to them while the calls are free for the customers. This helps a lot to increase the interaction between the clients and the business.

A company can improvise on the problem-solving and query solutions of the customers with the help of a toll-free number. The satisfaction level of customers is increased with this. With the help of a toll-free number, it becomes easy for the customers to ask questions and the people from all over the country can get in touch with you through a toll-free number.

There are various Toll-Free number providers in Delhi. Let us know more about it.

How to buy a Toll-Free Number in Delhi?

Every business needs a boost, and nothing can give a better boost and reach other than a Toll-Free Number. Let us know the process of purchasing a Toll-Free Number in Delhi.

The first method you can use to purchase a Toll-Free Number is from the Cloud Telephony Service Providers like PRP Services Pvt. Ltd., Knowlarity, Exotel, etc. Buying a Toll-Free Number in Delhi from PRP Services Pvt. Ltd. is the best option, and their services are the best in the entire market.

The other method is to purchase from Telecom Service Providers (TSP) like Idea, Vodafone, or BSNL. The best option is to purchase from a Cloud Telephony Services Provider like PRP Services Pvt. Ltd.

Why we would always prefer to buy a toll-free number from Cloud Telephony provider. The reason of buying a toll-free number from companies like PRP Services Pvt. Ltd. is, setup your Toll free completely (100%) free, they do not charge any kind of hidden cost for toll-free packages, generates your brand value and maintains online presence anytime and handle large volume of business call flow.

When to purchase a Toll-Free Number from Cloud Telephony Services?

You must opt for Cloud Telephony Services like PRP Services Pvt. Ltd if you find it difficult to set up your infrastructure. PRP Services Pvt. Ltd. will help you to do all the work. It might happen that the in-house IT team is incapable of handling the infrastructure. That's where you need PRP Services. It will manage the infrastructure, and there would be no need for you to worry about predicting the volume of your calls and also adjust according to the usage.

Features of Toll-Free Number Provider in Delhi

  • Real-time Reporting - The reports of the calls are maintained along with live status. There is a control panel to obtain detailed analysis of IVR.
  • Welcome Message - The clients will get a warm welcome through a welcome message that has a human touch. This provides a great experience to the clients.
  • Never Miss Any Call - You will be notified for all the calls which are missed by you. An email will be sent to you so that you do not miss any potential client.
  • Whitelist and Blacklist - The agents could get a better environment of work when the unnecessary callers are blocked. There is a special feature of filtration and blocking, which helps you to maintain a serious business image in the market.
  • Voice Mail Facility - The callers can send a voice mail by recording their questions and queries. The benefit of this feature is that the clients do not have to call again and again and also wait while your call is busy. This increases the efficiency of solving issues and even the customer satisfaction level.

Benefits of Toll-Free Number in Delhi

  • The customer retention rate is increased as they can call you anytime and from anywhere.
  • Small businesses do not need to switch to another number when they move to another location. Toll-Free number portability feature is available.
  • Businesses can keep track and analyze their marketing efforts.
  • Big presence for investors who are gaining.
  • Toll-Free Numbers are very easy to remember.
  • The reputation of the business is elevated.
  • The customers can call you from any location in the country.

There are several Toll-Free Number Providers in Delhi. PRP Services Pvt. Ltd. is the best Toll-Free number provider in Delhi. The Toll-Free Number Service in Delhi has been working very actively in Delhi, and the new businesses are also getting a toll-free number as soon as they are set-up to increase their reach.

Price of Toll-Free Number in Delhi

In Delhi, there are various packages made available to get a toll-free number. The Toll-Free Number price varies as per the package. There are packages developed according to 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year. The company could choose any package from it. The rates of the packages are affordable, and PRP Services Pvt. Ltd. provides the best Toll-Free Services in Delhi. A new startup company should opt for PRP Services Pvt. Ltd.

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How an IVR Service Provider Can Help You Grow Restaurant Business?

By LeadAdmin | 03/09/2019 | Virtual Number

India is a land of foodies! No matter the culture, class or creed we all love to eat and are quite enthusiastic about trying out new dishes. This has brought about a positive change in the restaurant business, where more and more eateries are opening up, prices are coming down, varieties and options are increasing and we hungry eaters are getting more for less.

You may have a restaurant with the check marks to be a hip joint thronged by the city’s food-loving crowds. But despite all the efforts, the special china, the meticulously designed menu and the amazing décor with live music, interest may remain lukewarm. Reviews may be subpar and crowds may dwindle to the eatery off the street into the competitions’ doors.

There could be numerous reasons for that happening, may be despite all the efforts and great selection of food your service was slow, may be the prices are calling for deeper pockets for most, may be the Naan bread wasn’t hot enough! It could be a million tiny things and the only way you would find out is when disgruntled customers take their hungry dissatisfaction and type out a negative review at a public review forum for other food-lovers to see.

Also, there are more chances of generating response through a simple, personalized SMS as compared to other forms of mass promotional activities. There are greater chances of your SMS being opened and read and the interested lead responding to your message than that through an advertisement or email as they do not have to hurl their laptop during their busy schedules.

Let’s face it, waiting for a table when you are well-dressed, ready to eat and have driven a long way from home for a special night out can be frustrating. The hospitality industry of all others needs to build a strong rapport with their customers. The customers rightfully feel that they should get services and food orders worth every paisa they spent and that’s a reasonable demand too. So, restaurants try to improvise through their menus, their ambience and interiors or through various quirky experiences – some of which may work, some may not. So, what’s a, irrefutable way to drive customer satisfaction and build a loyal base of regulars for your restaurant business?

The first step to address such concerns is to take a look at the basic problems with the service. Like for instance:

Once, you have pinned the problem areas, look for solutions that directly address them. A great solution is to streamline communications for the customers. Most restaurant businesses are hyper focused on their food that other basic service related arrangements fall through the cracks. If you want your venture to grow, then get a customizable IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system to organize communications and handle the non-stop customer calls. Nobody likes to face a busy tone when calling, especially when they are in the middle of planning a great party.

Here’s how an IVR service provider can help your restaurant business to grow:

  • Do branding with your memorable toll free number across customer touch points.
  • Agitated customers would immediately calm down and be patient when they’ll be responded with a friendly IVR voice response in their own language. They need to feel heard and know actions are being taken and an IVR service for restaurants does just that.
  • Customers can now make reservations without needing to talk to an agent.
  • Customers can confirm their bills or packages with just a few taps on their phones.
  • You don’t need to worry about bad reviews, complaints or get impatient trying to get customer feedbacks; there is an easy and free to use system to leave them with you directly.

We often do not appreciate the simple things in life. Customer service is a big umbrella that includes several channels. With an IVR service for your restaurant, you can let your skilled staffs take care of the things they do best – provide amazing service to the guests, while the IVR system takes care of your regular calls without any large investments or infrastructural change! Interactive Voice Response services are highly affordable and can be customized as per your need. If you’re a restaurant then this may just be the solution for you to start receiving 5/5 reviews!

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