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Bulk SMS Service

Send Bulk SMS at the most reasonable rates with the fastest and effective messaging service.

Missed Call Service

We provide missed call service in India for lead management, voting campaigns, mobile number verification, customer feedback.

Voice Call Service

Voice call is offered by us in competitive cost and with best services. It help to quickly reach the target customer.

Hosted PBX

With Hosted PBX service you get a personal telephone number where your customers can call 24x7.

Someone, somewhere, wants a communication from you!!

Bulk SMS Service is one of the most efficient ways of communication in which we can send our brand information to the prospective customers. Bulk SMS is very cost effective communication modes. Over 3 billion of messages are sent across every months and it is continuously increasing day by day. In today’s world bulk SMS is used as a direct form of marketing. Chances of being read are increased by 90% among all promotional method. It means we get 10 times higher response rate as compared to other marketing methods.

There are lots of Bulk SMS service providers in all across India. Although we all know Bulk SMS is a future of world marketing. Mobile consumers are rapidly increasingly day by day. There is a huge open opportunity for any companies to use bulk SMS service for making more clients. We offer best in class SMS plans and offers so that you can send promotional SMS to lots of clients. Bulk SMS facilitates small and medium sized firm to be able to develop number of shoppers they are capable to reach.

Our primary goal is to satisfy a customer need that’s why we provide standard SMS gateway service. You can also customize our SMS gateway so that you can easily meet your specific needs. We also provide our helping hand so that you can easily integrate our complete SMS gateway with your CRM and your database. Our bulk SMS packages are available for all and there is not any rules and availability which is depend upon customer status, though also we have categorized our SMS service according to the general usage and gave you instant delivery on each messages.

We all aware about marketing as a bulk text messaging hold all the market. Bulk SMS service is currently one of the most widely used mobile marketing applications and it helps the entrepreneurs to reach out to those who the company is willing to reach at much more speeds. In order to keep your business at boom, as a company it is important to be innovative and creative. Also we have to be habitual with the usage of latest application and advanced feature so that not any hurdles comes in our business path to get succeed.

Our bulk SMS service is 100% accommodate with TRAI rules and regulation because we filter all the DND numbers before sending the bulk SMS so that none of the parties, either sender or receiver have to face any problem from bulk SMS vendors. We also provide 100% instant delivery SMS service on usable number so that your clients will well aware about your brands and products.

Keeping your specific needs in mind, we assure you of good service from our side. Owing to our knowledge and successful efforts over last 10 years we confidently offer the Best Bulk SMS Services.

Bulk SMS Plan
SMS Quantity Price(Paise) INR Total(Rs.)
10,000 0.25 Paise 2500/-
50,000 0.16 Paise 8,000/-
1,00,000 0.12 Paise 12,000
10,00,000 0.10 Paise 1,00,000
25,00,000 0.095 Paise 2,37,500
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